Sophia Emmanuel is one IAT-Certified Trichologist and also licensed cosmetologist based in new York. She owns and operates the Crown Worthy beauty salon in new York City.

Thick hair comes v its own set of challenges. It have the right to be unruly, difficult to handle, andtakes forever to dry.Luckily, through the appropriate tools, thick, luscious hair have the right to be tamed. If you’ve been blessed (or cursed) v a super-thick head of hair, these advice will help you get your mane under control. Thanks tosome experts,we"ve got all the advice you need to regulate a full head of hair.

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take into consideration a Chop

Of course, the easiest method to control an extremely thick hair is come simply cut it short. A much shorter length can be a good option because that those looking for a low-maintenance style. Relying on how it's cut, a shorter hair still pipeline room for endless styling options. 

flourish it the end

Does her hair stick right up as soon as it"s short? In the case, growing your hair out to a longer size may help keep flyaways weighted down. Because that stubborn hairs the refuse to lay flat, try using a smoothing cream likeJohn Freida"s Frizz Ease mystery Weapon.

Find commodities That occupational for friend

If everyone had a perfect head of hair, we wouldn’t need styling products. Because that thick hair, a styling product will give you some regulate over your excessive crop. Product will add weight and enable you come create practically any format you want. 

Amy Adams" hairstylist,John D, aTresemmé celebrity stylist, usedTRESemmé Thermal developments Styling assist Blow dried Balmto save her hair smooth and also in-place for a long night ~ above the red carpet. The ideal part? It"s only $5.

Let that Air dried

Excessive warmth is damaging for any type of hair type, yet using a ton of warm on thick hair deserve to lead to excessive breakage and also frizz. But, also with waiting drying, frizz is still possible. Usingthe best productscan tame frizz and keep hair feather shiny and also make it less complicated to style.If friend don"t have actually time come let your hair air dry on it"s own, opt because that a cooler setting on her hair dryer. This will add some extra volume and also decrease drying time.

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condition Away

Always use a moisturizing shampoo and also conditioner. After a great shampoo, apply about a dime-sized amount of conditioner to your hair, comb it through with a wide-tooth comb to distribute evenly, and also leave that on for numerous minutes. A good conditioner will assist soften your hair and make it more manageable.

avoid Too numerous Layers

While great can add volume and also movement, much shorter layers can stick straight up—or out. If you desire to eliminate some mass from your hair, ask your hairstylist to usage a razor to help thin the out. A razor creates more texture and also movement than continuous shears, yet can help reduce locations that may show up heavy or also thick.