Make pixie dust. You know, ns think Walt Disney was the very first person to catch the vision that magic and also make it actual to us ideal on our TV screens. Over there she was, Tinkerbell, v her trail of pixie dust together she flew with the air... Whatever she pass by to be sprinkled by the magic she appeared to possess. And I"m certain we ALL thought happy thoughts as soon as we saw her. And when the made Wendy and her brothers able to fly, why, we all thought in the magic!

So can you make your own? have the right to you catch that feeling? you bet. And also here"s a indict to build your own an individual pixie dust.I speak to it Pixie Dust. Call it Pixie Dust. Or girlfriend can speak to it Fairy Dust. Or contact it Magic Dust. Or great Powder. Or merely just bottled wishes.And haven"t we all believed in magic at once or one more in our lives? remember the whimsical nature of childhood dreams and also fanciful ideas and also themes? ...I wish...I wish... Why not bring those feelings earlier and have actually a feel-good moment? Why no make your own confection or medley of make believe? to wish for extraordinary blessings, to believe in wondrous occasions that occasionally one have the right to only dream of?


Make-Pixie-Dust. Magic-Pixie-Dust! Magic personal Pixie Dust!

Before beginning the tutorial, the most crucial thing come remember as soon as deciding to make pixie dust, especially personal pixie dust, is girlfriend should currently have a pretty great idea what you desire the pixie dust wishes to do. The desires or desire of the human being you"re giving it to room the main focus, but you can likewise put your very own wishes in together well.

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Colorful great are necessary too.

Next, let"s think about color. Shade is a wonderful thing. And also every shade that exists has actually some type of an interpretation or wonderful symbolism attached come it.  take into consideration the rainbow, the understand holder of all colors: whatever color you have the right to think of, it is in the rainbow, and believe that or not, a an interpretation or symbolism has been attached to each color by someone somewhere in the background of civilization.

Learning or knowing around how colour make us feel or think is easy. Just simply thinking around a color, i.e. Red, you already know what is linked with it: love, passion, energy, heat. See?  You currently have a good idea the at the very least one wish color that you have the right to put in her wish vessels.

Here"s a collection of colors to provide you an idea that how many different kinds of wishes you can layer when you make pixie dust.

When you uncover the definitions or the symbolism the is linked with each color, you"ll quickly discover there isn"t sufficient room in your little bottle to fit all your wishes in!

Alright then. Let"s make-pixie dust! an individual Pixie Dust.

1. Assemble all your essential materials.


You"ll need: miniature bottles, a funnel, colored glitter/dust, and a list that colors and also the meanings associated with them. Be sure to incorporate glitter specifically reserved as "Wishes" - it puts the magic in place!

The optimum dimension of Pixie dust magic "wish" bottles have to not be much more than 2" high (note above the penny and ruler used to give you one idea that how little these vessels are). Otherwise, you"ll just finish up with a party of glittery colors. What you want is a tiny vessel the holds promise that huge, majestic, and magical visions/hopes/desires; just meant for one, only designed because that a one-of-a-kind someone.


Believe me, as you"re putting it all together, you will truly obtain the emotion that you space holding ~ above some incredibly magical wish possibilities and what expect they"ll bring. Seriously.

2. Use a Decorating pointer as a funnel.


The handiest way to to fill these small bottles is come use a cake decorating tip - try size #2 or #3 to funnel in your pixie dust wishes without wasting dust. If girlfriend can, using Micro-fine glitter, preferably holographic, is the best choice for this project because it package tightly and gives the finest visual result. 

Start your party by first pouring in silver wishes. How much you decision to use relies on how solid the her wish is.  If you have plenty of blessings or desire to put in, girlfriend maywant a "wishes" layer between each blessing.

Don"t be afraid to get an innovative when you make pixie dust magic - think about how the bottle will look - a an excellent tip is to alternate dark layers v light layers.

4. Dust that mounds is quickly handled.

It all relies on how huge or just how wanted a great is. Occasionally the pixie dust wishes will certainly mound in the party as it pours v the funnel. Take treatment not to blend the layers; lightly tipping and also tapping will certainly smooth them out. 

Note: occasionally you may build a wish party that has actually only one wish (one layer) or 2 (two layers)...but periodically that"s every you have to make pixie dust magic.

5. Include a great or desire and tap to define each layer.

Funnel in each of the layers you have chosen. Part layers deserve to be thinner, some may be thicker... I.e. Desire a good dose of love? Pour a special layer of rose red glitter; add a class of another color, prefer Sage, for Success. Insanity the bottle each time to pack each of the layers.

6. Tipping the bottle ago and forth together you do pixie dust layers spreads the end the magic simply right.

Continue to add layers the dust colors. Tipping the bottle side to side after each enhancement will additionally spread the layers evenly without mixing or blending the pixie dust wishes.

Add wishes dust (coarse silver is offered here to finish off the bottle. You have the right to use urgent cardboard together a funnel too. Fill THE courage tightly come THE TOP. TAMP or push the glitter in as much as the bottle have the right to hold so the layers no mix. Finally, press the cork in!

The bottle used here holds 3.5 ml (that"s approximately a mounded teaspoon) of make pixie dust magic wishes and stands a tiny over 1" in height. That"s small - yet a perfect size for pixie dust magic.

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 8. Viola! Corked and also Complete and OH, so prepared to use!    

Corked and also complete an individual Dust! inspect again...make sure there is no waiting room for any dust to relocate around and also blend. Push the cork in so that fits tightly. You don"t desire the desire to begin until they"re in the hand of the receiver!

And that"s how to do pixie dust through a pinch the pixie dust magic. Your friends and also loved ones will certainly truly evaluate your attention to their stays with this distinctive gift idea!

The possibilities are endless! view these various other samples and also then develop your own personal pixie dust miracles!

Have no time to create?

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