We had a very tiny overnight visitor this weekend who was a small nervous around staying over without she parents because that the first time. Ns knew 2 things going right into this: that “L” to be NOT excited to invest the weekend through herself, and that she had gotten in a severe Peter Pan phase (as in, she loves watching that over and also over and over again).


Determined to do it a stress-free, fun weekend because that both that us, ns did a quick examine of my random item inventory and also pulled together this DIY Pixie Dust project. I picked part fresh lavender before she came, gathered increase a few simple supplies and threw this together at the 11th hour.


After a Peter Pan marathon, us made our own “sleeping spell” + “energy enchantment” pixie dusts and put a “magic spell” top top some tiny bottles i had about the house. ~ she visited sleep, I included a pair of special tiny touches to make the party look extra magical, filled them v our pixie dust, and also put them by her bed for this reason she’d discover them in the morning.

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Little did i know exactly how into ours fairy dust-making job L to be going come be! She loved helping in the kitchen by mixing the lavender right into the baking soda, putting a “magic spell” on the jars, and waking as much as her own magical pixie concoctions. She had tons of funny sprinkling a little magic “energy” everywhere the house and also (best part?) she might NOT wait to go to bed so she can use her special resting spell dust under she pillow. There were no tears and with the aid of a tiny natural magic, she was asleep in ~ minutes. This is candid the gift that keeps ~ above giving!

To do your very own aromatherapy DIY pixie dust you’ll need:

Note: We favor to shop locally or use what we have at home, yet this list has a few Woodpeckers Crafts and/or Amazon affiliate web links for reference. As Amazon Associates, we make a small commission on qualifying purchases.*


1/2 c. Glitter oriridescent confettiMod Podge ( I probably used around 4 Tablespoons total)


DIY Pixie Dust Instructions:

Prep her pixie dust jars

Wash and also clean 1 or 2 old summer sprouts jars or salt and pepper shakers – utilizing some that currently have shaker lids through very tiny holes is the most convenient! ns actually provided a pair that had actually cork lids, due to the fact that I assumed it looked many authentic, but it add to an extra step.

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Drill 2 small holes in the cork covering (optional)

If you’re using cork lids favor I did, soak lock in water for a couple of hours to soften them. Making use of a drill and 5/28th drill bit, make 2-3 tiny holes in the cork because that optimal shaking delight without the worry of recognize unexpected massive baking soda piles.

Use mod Podge and also glitter to add sparkle to your jars

I want to add a tiny extra sparkle to our pixie dust jars, however if girlfriend don’t have glitter or mod podge already, don’t feel favor it’s necessary! ns drizzled a tiny mod podge right into the bottom of ours jars, included 1-2 drops of water, and also threw in a grasp of glitter. ~ swirling it roughly (being sure to evenly cover the sides) i let it dried for around 20 minutes.


If you desire to add a tiny instant magic to her pixie dust, there is no the chaos of glitter – this is the method to perform it! I had thought around mixing large glitter pieces in v the powder yet was concerned it would certainly gum up the works as well often. This provided me just the look ns was walking for, and there’s zero possibility your kid will wake up up with fifty percent their challenge glittered. Bonus.