We invested weeks do the efforts to check out what various other ingredients might be supplied to do slime. After plenty of trial and also error experiments, we came up with this different slime recipe the taught united state how to do slime v salt! Epsom salt slime is it!


But come understand just how we were able to number this out, you have to know a bit around the background and science that slime.

Epsom Salt Slime Science


Kids love slime due to the fact that it is sticky, gooey, and also stretchy. It’s also fun come pull, press, and squeeze, making the a super fun sensory experience. Youngsters who love fidgeting and also sensory experiences are frequently the biggest fans that slime.

But there is a totality lot of an easy slime science going on behind the scene of her favorite stretchy slime recipe.

All slime recipes need an activator and a base. The base should contain miscellaneous that deserve to bond through the activator to do slime.

Usually, this is PVA glue- but sometimes you deserve to use various other ingredients to make slime (although they space not true “slimes” by the official definition).

Which Slime Activator works Best?


The most common slime activators are borax to wash powder, liquid laundry starch, and also saline or call solution. What all of these ingredients have in usual is some inclusion of boron. Boron is the an enig chemical the bonds with glue to develop the stretchy slime that children love.

Other slime activators that can be used with varying efficiency are:

However, most of this ingredients don’t develop slime together it truly need to be, since the chemical bonds carry out not reaction in the same way. In the end, i m sorry slime activator works finest is a boron-based slime activator or our magnesium flake slime activator.

Epsom Salt Slime Chemistry


Chemistry is one huge over-arching surname for states of matter and also how they interact with one another and in differnet problems (such as temperature changes). Slime is a fun instance of chemical bonding and also chemistry.

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Slime is technically a non-Newtonian fluid (which just method that it has properties that both a solid and a liquid).

How to make Slime v Salt

Slime is merely a mixture of polymer chains. A polymer is merely a collection of molecules that are attached like a chain. PVA glue already contains molecule chain ( polyvinyl acetate molecule to be exact). This chemistry bond is slipperty and also has a high viscosity.

Adding the boron to the glue strengthens the bonds with a process called cross-linking. Once the slime activator is added to the glue, the location of the molecule chains move together, make a more powerful bond that forms a sample closer come a thatch roof than a single chain.

Enter Epsom Salt (AKA magnesium sulfate)

In our search for different slime activators, we conveniently realized the to make actual slime, the very same cross-linking chemical reaction need to occur, and also the ingredient used should still be safe to touch.

In our tests, we found that Epsom salt did create a slime-like substance. However, we want our slime come be even stickier!

How come Make your Slime less Sticky

So, we experimented with using a purer type of Epsom salt magnesium- magnesium chloride flakes.

When us switched come this version of Epsom salt, the slime that created was nearly identical come borax slimes, however it was simply a little bit bouncier.

Stretchy Slime cooking recipes without Borax


Follow along with our magnesium flake slime recipe to make the only truly borax-free slime recipe we’ve been able to find!

Epsom Salt Slime Ingredients

Magnesium Chloride USP (Pharmaceutical Grade) 100% Edible Cloruro de Magnesio 100% Comestible
Elmer’s Liquid institution Glue, Clear, Washable, 1 Gallon – an excellent for make Slime
The Mason jug Scientist: 30 Jarring STEAM-Based Projects
Farberware color Measuring Spoons, mixed Colors, set of 5
Ball Glass Mason Jar v Lid and Band, continual Mouth, 12 Jars
Food coloring Liqua-Gel – 12 Color selection Kit in .75 fl. Oz. (20ml) Bottles


How to do Slime Activator v Salt

In her jar or bowl, add 3 tablespoons of magnesium flakes (remember, this is a form of Epsom salt!). Next, include five tablespoons of warm water and also stir until the flakes room dissolved.

Once the flakes space dissolved, add in your selection of food coloring and also additives. Stir to mix.

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Finally, add 2 tablespoons of clean glue to the water and also stir. The slime will type in the center of the jar. As with classic borax slime, there will certainly be a little of liquid left over.

If you discover that your slime isn’t comes out rather right, girlfriend can readjust your ingredients. In general, you desire to stick come this recipe:

3 components flakes5 components water2 components glue

However, you deserve to add an ext flakes if the slime is as well sticky, or an ext glue or water if it is as well hard.