The Lightning Staff is just one of the underloved staffs in Origins, mainly due to the fact that of it"s time consuming part collection and upgrade process. In this overview I"ll display you a faster way to gain this done and additionally cover the complete steps for upgrading the electrical Staff and also enjoying what is an excellent adversary. As usual, the guide consists of a comprehensive walkthrough along with puzzle solutions and screenshots to assist you out.All of the initial staffs have actually been preserved and also remastered in the zombies Chronicles (DLC 5) pack for black color Ops 3. Their attacks remain the same and their build and also upgrade processes are likewise identical. Upgrading every one of the basic staffs to their Ultimate versions is also one of the procedures for the main Easter Egg.Like the Wind Staff, the Lightning staff bares a strong resemblance to an present Wonder Weapon. The weapon in question is the DG-2, or Wunderwaffe as it"s known, i m sorry dates earlier to the original world at battle zombies series via it"s advent in Shi No Numa.As you might expect the basic Lightning staff shoots electrical bolts of lightning the electrocute zombies captured in it"s path. It"s ultimate super attack fires a larger ball of electrical power that chain from zombie come zombie, killing many zombies in a near knit horde.In addition to its electrical attacks, the ultimate Lightning Staff additionally has a high round one hit melee assault (up to ring 16) and additionally an alternating mode. Pushing the left directional pad causes the employee to flip around, permitting the player to soon revive a teammate through a to explode of energy.

How to gain The Lightning Staff

Before Treyarch spot this step, players had actually to repeatedly find and check 8 various panels in search of the following sparking dial. In SOLO this to be an unbelievable pain and also ending up gift the main reason for the unloved Lightning Staff.Thankfully this step has been changed. Monitor the exact locations below, walking from dashboard to panel, turning the dial come the exact position mentioned. Friend can likewise turn the dials at any time you desire in the game, saving time before you obtain to this step.Cheat SheetLocationDial Position
Generator 5 the opposite Stamin-Up machine
At the bottom the the excavation website there space four huge rings with coloured jewel on the side. Use the switches in this area to revolve each the the dials until they are all purple. Once ready, shoot the violet orb underneath the rings (using the Lightning Staff) come shoot the upwards.4. Fee the staff (Collect the Souls)The final upgrade step needs you to go earlier to the Crazy ar for one last challenge.

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Location the Lightning staff in the purple pedestal and also kill 20-30 zombies in the Crazy location (anywhere girlfriend like). Ns strongly suggest having an upgraded weapon for this and preferably some kind of defense such as Jug, the shield or a dependable teammate.Once complete, choose up the employee from the pedestal and the ultimate Lightning employee Is your to enjoy! well done, your tough work has been precious the effort!