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My daughter is just like any other small girl. She loves Tinkerbell and anything to perform with Fairies. Through the new release the The Pirate Fairy comes soon; ns figured it would certainly be a many fun to make Edible Pixie Dust! due to the fact that Spring break is this weekend; we will be utilizing this pixie dust in a couple of different recipes together we have actually fun baking in the kitchen if the kids are the end of school! and also you may be surprised at just how easy it is to make this edible Pixie Dust!

Edible Pixie Dust


Portion street in the Raw into a glass bowl
Add in a couple of drops the the Wilton food color gel. This won"t adjust the texture of the sugar and will give a more powerful color. Girlfriend don"t require a lot.Mix wellSpread ~ above a tinfoil tunnel ~ above cookie sheetBake at 350 because that 10 minutesAllow come cool thoroughlyStore in air tight container

After you roasted the pixie dust, you will must re-break increase the sugar before putting it into a shaker. You have the right to also shot drops of liquid food coloring to attain different colors or depth of color.

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To do the baking at sight easy, ns made small “boats” out of tin silver paper so I can easily keep the various colors separated. And also then when it to be baked it was easy to recording it right into the new container.

If you find that the crystals space still as well clumpy and also not together fine together you would like. You can likewise put them right into a blender and pulse for a second or two. And it will offer a finer texture. Although you will loosened some that the gloss and also shine indigenous the pixie dust when you do that.

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You have the right to use Pixie Dust on just about any small treat!

Bake up part pie crust and also sprinkle that on with a little milk and bake!Sprinkle on cookiesSprinkle on ice cream CreamSprinkle on CupcakesSprinkle top top yogurtSprinkle easy on her breakfast cereal.Use because that Cake decoratingScatter throughout the table together “evidence” the fairies visiting.Zen GardensLayers in tiny bottles to make nice designs.Art jobs with adhesive sticksDIY pixie sticks! Use vivid Plastic Straws, fill v Pixie Dust and seal shut. 🙂Dip ice cream cream hat in white chocolate and roll castle in the edible Pixie Dust.Sprinkle top top breakfast foods: pancakes, French toast, cream of wheat, crepes

And so much more!

We had so lot fun baking up our Pixie Dust. That was really fun utilizing my macro lens on the iphone phone to gain a really close up look. They practically do look at magical right?

So this weekend, or over the next holiday, take some time and make some edible Pixie dust with your kids and also see the excited of happen the magic to life in your very own home.

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