I have a desktop computer that i don"t usage that much (mostly because that burning CD"s and also stuff). Ns logged on and also wanted to search for a program only to realize that the W S A and also D keys are swapped through the arrowhead keys. For example: If I"m in Notepad, and also I push the Left arrowhead key, it"s going to kind "D". If I press the D key, it"s walking to scroll right and whatnot.

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How have the right to I settle this?



Hold under the Fn key, usually on the appropriate side of the room bar, and also press W while you are holding it. Need to fix the instantly. (And you have the right to swap in between them any kind of time.)




For me I had to organize down Fn an essential and push the Windows an essential while holding, and it was resolved instantly.

OK, you require to manufacturing facility reset immediately.

YOU may BE HACKED.I know from previous experiences.

CEO the FixItJay.

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