I had a major crush top top a guy and also I assumed the best method to obtain his fist was to try and do him jealous. Needless to say, that didn’t quite work out. It’s so true what lock say: jealousy messes v your mind! Here’s exactly how I royally screwed things up.

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I was extremely insecure.

i was worried the this male I was crazy around was into other women or didn’t discover me interesting enough to day me. Instead of dealing with those issues, choose I really should have actually done, I thought it would certainly be a great idea to try to do him jealous. Oh boy.

I was actually the jealous one.

ns saw how much attention he obtained from various other women and how plenty of pretty females were always hovering about him. The made me jealous together hell. In a way, I want him to feel some of that discomfort. If he might be a bit jealous because that once, he would know what the felt like and also he’d realize the he must stop stalling and make something take place with me before I gained snapped up by someone else. I didn’t gain the memo that ns really need to have had actually the self-confidence to acquire his attention, not insecurity.

I wanted to boost my self-worth.

spring back, I want to make myself feel like I to be worthy that his love. I assumed by making him jealous, I’d essentially be mirroring him the I was in demand. If he thought that other men wanted me, probably it would certainly make him want me and also ask me out already… or so i hoped.

I obtained closer to an additional guy friend.

I invited the guy I had actually crush ~ above to go to a party one night—we commonly hung out in a group—and climate I decided to invite mine sexy, flirtatious male friend to the party too. He to be really not my type, but I knew he had actually the kind of personality that would ruffle up part feathers and also hopefully make my to like jealous.

He left the party early.

ns wasn’t sure if my strategy had functioned or not, yet I flirted through my friend and also tried to ignore my crush for a bit throughout the evening. Mine crush then left the party early, claiming the he had to wake up up early on for occupational the next day. Ns thought possibly my strategy had actually made him jealous but I wasn’t sure. Ns waited to hear indigenous him.

Turns out, the didn’t even notice!

He pointed out nothing about my friend or the flirting session he’d witnessed in between us. The acted like nothing also happened. Wait, to be he really not bothered by any of it? to be I totally wasting mine time?

I make the efforts to perform more.

when he invite me the end to dinner a couple of nights later, I believed my strategy must have worked, for this reason I enhanced my efforts to make him jealous. This to be stupid, ns know, yet playing games can it is in addictive in ~ times. Anyway, ns told him ns couldn’t do it due to the fact that I had actually to be my friend’s plus-one to an additional event. Yes, the hot friend he’d met a couple of nights previously.

He referred to as out my game-playing.

possibly this man was jealous or maybe he just had a solid intuition and knew what ns was doing, but he claimed he was sick of my games. Couldn’t I just be major for once? He acquired upset and I finished the contact quickly, reasoning that I had him just where I wanted him.

He never ever asked me out.

ns waited and waited, thinking he’d come earlier and to apologize for shedding it through me. I even thought (stupidly, i realize) the he’d ask me out, realizing that I was in demand and also he to be close to shedding out ~ above a possibility to be v me. Guess what? that didn’t come back. Days go by and also I heard nothing native him. This to be really bad because we supplied to speak every day.

I dubbed him to see what was up.

A totality week went by and also then I started to issue that I’d driven him away with my strategies and games. He was cold on the phone and said that he establish that i wasn’t the kind of human being he wanted to date after all. He constantly got along with me, but by trying to make him jealous, i became similar to everyone else who tried to mess through him. Great.

I was cornered.

Not only had actually my little jealous game backfired on me, it had made me lose a great guy and it had cornered me. I had to tell the the truth and also come clean around what I’d done in the hope the he would forgive me and also give me an additional chance. Ns did tell the why I’d to be trying to do him jealous yet he didn’t see points from mine perspective. Every my games showed him to be that us weren’t appropriate for every other.

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He was right.

looking back, I see that the guy was so right to ditch me. I mean, would certainly I desire to be through someone that I an initial had to make jealous prior to he’d questioning me out? I know my value and also I don’t should play games to try to increase my self-worth!

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