Measuring the space inside your refrigerator might not it is in your very first choice of task for a Saturday afternoon, yet it has its purposes.

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Perhaps you're planning come buy a mainly of meal-prep kits defined as fitting in an 18 cubic foot fridge, or you're moving house and also need to examine that your fridge meets the movers' policies on what dimension they'll transport.

The room inside a Whirlpool fridge deserve to vary greatly from model to model, as deserve to the volume of a Samsung fridge or LG refrigerator. Friend can't make any kind of assumptions, so there space two different choices for check your fridge capacity for sure: recognize the info using your version number OR measuring her refrigerator manually. Let's go v each in turn:

A) uncover the info

There may be a sticker within or exterior the fridge with the design number. Alternatively, if you bought the fridge online, you can find your confirmation email with the version details. Once you recognize that, girlfriend can inspect on the manufacturer's website to uncover your fridge capacity.


It's precious noting the some contemporary fridges have a QR code that deserve to be scanned v your cabinet phone. Once scanned, your phone will automatically launch a internet browser and also take you straight to information about your refrigerator.


B) measure up

You've probably already given up on alternative A, and also that's what lugged you here. If the label has been removed, you don't have a confirmation email, or the model details is no longer obtainable on the manufacturer's site, climate don't worry: you'll just need a ice cream measure.

How to measure up the within of a fridge, freezer, or side-by-side refrigerator

If the refrigerator is very full, you'll must temporarily remove sufficient food to give yourself some measuring space. It's crucial to measure up the room inside the fridge, and not the size of the fridge exterior. Measure the length, width and also height the the room inside the fridge. Make sure you note them all under in the exact same unit! mix inches v cm, because that example, will offer you one inaccurate calculation. Main point the 3 numbers together. size (feet) x broad (feet) x height (feet) = Volume in cubic feet (written as Xft³) Example: 5.8ft x 1.8ft x 2.2ft = 22.97ft³

You have the right to use ours cubic feet calculator to inspect your answer, or if you desire to calculate cubic feet from inch or centimetre measurements.

If you want to measure in units other than feet, then we've got instructions right here too.

How carry out you calculate the volume that a refrigerator in litres?

If you desire to find out how numerous litres your fridge have the right to hold (or liters, if you're that means inclined), climate there's an excellent news: over there is a somewhat easier means than lying it level on its earlier and see how many bottles that Pepsi you have the right to empty within the cavity.

When you measure the inside of the fridge, take it the measurements in metres before you multiply them together. That will provide you the cubic metres (m³), and also you have the right to multiply the number by 1000 to transform it right into litres.

Length (metres) x broad (metres) x elevation (metres) = cubic metres (written together m³)

Example: 1.8m x 0.6m x 0.7m = 0.76m³

0.76m³ x 1000 = 760 litres.

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If you desire some help with converting in between cubic metres and also litres, or between any type of other devices of volume, we've got a handy cost-free volume converter below for you.

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