We’ve talked around how you can remove audio indigenous a video clip file, and how you deserve to extract a single audio track from a video clip when multiple audio tracks are present. When it comes to isolating audio native a video, the process is reasonably simple. If you’re looking come mute particular sections that a video though, you’ll uncover you don’t have actually a lot of of alternatives that perform not call for an advanced video clip editing app. This apps room rarely totally free and simple to know which is why you need to use Microsoft’s Movie an equipment app because that the job. Here’s exactly how you can use Movie device to mute part of a video on windows 10.

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Before you proceed with the method below, make certain your video no much longer needs extr editing. If you setup on adding an ext sound results to a video, walk ahead and also do so prior to you go and mute part of it.

Install Movie Maker

Microsoft has discontinued Movie device so it’ll it is in a bit complicated to uncover an main download link for the app. The said, it’s not impossible to obtain it. We have a detailed short article on exactly how you can install Movie an equipment from Archive.org and also it is the safest means to get the application on windows 10. Walk ahead and download the app, and also install it.

Mute sections of a video

Once you have actually Movie an equipment installed, go to the residence tab and click the ‘Add videos and also photos’ button. Choose the video clip that you’d like to mute part of, and add it.

The video clip will be added to a timeline in the pane top top the right. When you choose the timeline, an modify tab will appear on the ribbon. Go to this tab. Beat the video clip and pause it as soon as the ar you desire to mute starts. Click the split button. Play the video until you with the end of the section you want to mute. Pause it, and also again, separation the video. This will isolate the ar you want to mute.


Select that section, and also mute the from the ‘Video Volume’ regulate on the modify tab. Repeat this procedure for all sections in the video that you want to mute.

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You can accomplish this v the Photos application on windows 10 as well. It as well has video editing features though the is no as intuitive to use as Movie Maker. We’ve written around how you have the right to merge videos with the Photos app on home windows 10. You can also split them and also use this exact same trick to mute a section that you’ve break-up from the video. If friend don’t desire to use Movie maker, friend should offer the Photos app a try.