I obtained a nose piercing last year, and also I don't remorse it at all. But, taking treatment of it didn't revolve out to it is in as easy as I'd hoped.

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A face piercing renders a bold statement, and nose piercings, in particular, space super famous for guys or girls. Be sure to education yourself around the risks and challenges prior to committing. Ns hope my an individual experience and tips assist you v your decision-making.

1. It Didn't hurt as much as ns Expected

The most common question top top anyone's psychic is: \"Do sleep piercings hurt?\" They do hurt, but the pain was no as negative as I had imagined. I thought it would be a sharp, searing pain, and also it yes, really wasn’t. Ns felt a pinch and also a twinge.

Of course, everyone's pain tolerance level is different. If you have had actually your ears pierced before, this will certainly hurt one level more. World who have zero pain tolerance report pain, however they to speak it is quick. Keep in mind that due to the fact that the nerves in your nose are associated to your sinuses, her eyes will certainly water.

Prepare you yourself for the truth that a needle will certainly go v your nostril cartilage, however don’t gain too worked up over it. The worst part is the the needle will be right in your face, therefore you need to close your eyes to protect against looking at it. Overall, nose piercing pains is bearable, and it is precious it if you really want it.


2. Part Nose Ring steels Are Safe and Some cause Allergies or Sensitivity

The Safest metals to Use:

Titanium: This is great for civilization with perceptible skin. It not just looks great, but it is additionally the safest metal for all body jewelry.Surgical Stainless Steel: Surgical steel is a bit cheaper 보다 titanium and is a very common metal used for body jewelry. The is for sure to use, yet it is no 100% biocompatible favor titanium is. Most people can tolerate it just fine, however people with sensitive skin should choose titanium instead.

Metals That room Not Recommended:

Silver: Sterling silver quickly tarnishes and causes allergic reactions and also bacterial growth.Nickel: A most people construct a rash when their skin is exposed come nickel.Any other metal that is no titanium or stainless steel.

I started out v titanium, and it functioned great. I had no reaction to it whatsoever. Ns bought a cheaper item to change it with, and that to be fine for me, too. If you’re allergic to nickel in any type of form, I imply not even trying the piece that have actually a nickel base.

My friend got a various piercing, and she swapped out to some inexpensive studs. Needless come say, at any time she put them in, within a job or less, her skin turned red and puss appeared. It to be unattractive, to say the least, and also also really uncomfortable because that her. Don’t go cheap with steel that you’re making use of in your body. Save up if you have to, but don’t skimp.

3. There are Multiple species of nose Rings

If you’re favor me, you've most likely seen the typical nose piercing stud the is L-shaped or the hoop. But, you've more than likely never heard the “nose screws.” i hadn’t heard of lock either. Lock are additionally called curved nose studs, and they, uneven the directly nose studs, have actually a little bit of a curve to the tail, so you have to turn them in bespeak to put them in. The shape provides it harder for them to fall out through accident, however it likewise makes it harder—and much more painful—to remove and also insert them. I acquired one once my nose was an initial pierced, and also it wouldn't come out—at least not easily anyway.Ask your piercer what he or she is using to make sure that you space able to remove your nose stud.

Types of nose Jewelry

Nose stud/nose boneNose hoopCircular barbellNostril screwL-shaped nose pin a.k.a. FishtailCaptive bead ring


4. There are Several locations In Your sleep That You can Pierce

The most common nose piercing is the nose piercing. Various other piercing areas include:

Bridge Piercing: A directly barbell is put on the leg of the nose between the eyes. Due to the fact that a bridge piercing is just a surface piercing it will be highly prone come rejection. Unfortunately, the leg of the nose cannot manage deeper insertions.Vertical pointer or Rhino Piercing: A curved barbell is supplied for this one. Both end of the barbell will be visible—one end will be visible on the pointer of the nose, and also the other finish will present under the tip.Septril Piercing: A nose bone or bent barbell is placed half-vertically ~ above the bottom pointer of the nose. This one is really complex and needs a many time. Because that this type of piercing, some nose frameworks are better than others. Usually a wider septum area is preferable because there is much more area to work-related with.Nasallang Piercing: This is a tri-nasal piercing the goes v both the nostril and also the septum. It will look favor you have two nostril piercings top top either next of your nose, but the piercing uses simply one directly barbell that goes directly across.

Interesting Fact

In Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed that acquiring a left nose piercing helps ease the pains of menstruation and also child birth since the left nostril is connected to the female reproductive organs.

5. Girlfriend Risk acquiring an infection or other Worse

As with all human body modifications, there space a number of risks involved. Make sure you learn around these risks and about how to prevent them due to the fact that an infected nose will not it is in a cute nose.

Infection: Staphylococcus bacteria is existing in large numbers in the sleep cavity area. Signs of an infected nose piercing include: persistent swelling, pus, ill or pain, and also excessive bleeding. If you have actually a bump, this is a likely sign of infection. A bump could be led to by an allergic reaction to the jewelry or negative hygiene.Necrosis: An untreated infection could lead come necrosis, i beg your pardon is the death of tissue in the sleep wall. This might turn into a serious deformity, and the organization would need to be removed.Perichondritis: This is an infection led to by the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa wherein the cartilage in your nose becomes inflamed, which have the right to lead to organization death.Septal Hematoma: If you suffer pain, swelling, and an obstacle breathing, climate you may have septal hermatoma. This occurs once blood collects between the sleep septum and also the perichondrium.Swallowing Jewelry: Although this hardly ever happens, a loose-fitting nose ring might be inhaled while friend sleep and also lead to choking and also death.Rejection: Wearing specific metals might reason your body to refuse the jewelry. This might manifest through the body trying to push the steel out of your skin or, even worse, absorbing the metal into your skin.

6. Periodically Cleaning it Feels favor Waterboarding

When I gained my nose pierced, the piercer called me the I necessary to save it clean. Right here were the aftercare indict he gave me.

Nose Piercing Aftercare:

Wash the area numerous times a day, but not choose a normal person being washes your face. That would be wrong. Instead, fill up a little dixie cup v a saline systems (salt water), and then put your sleep in the cup and also maybe even blow some bubbles into it.Hold it in there for around 60 seconds.Do this a couple of times a job to store it nice and clean, and prevent that from getting infected.

So i followed all of the instructions above, and I felt prefer I was being waterboarded. Ns quickly uncovered that having a little record cup on my sleep didn’t tell my brain that I needed to prevent breathing with my nose, so when I blew bubbles, the water would certainly go increase the various other side of mine nose, and also my nostrils would certainly burn through the saline.

I finally figured out that blowing bubbles was no the ideal method. (Was the guy putting me on once he said me to carry out it?) because that me, the best method was come simply hold the mostly-full cup up on my nose while ns leaned down right into it. Then i breathed v my mouth while ns counted one Mississippi, 2 Mississippi—up to sixty Mississippi. After ~ that, I’d have the ability to drop the cup and breathe choose a normal human being being.

Cleaning the Jewelry

You don't have to clean your jewelry if you are still healing. That is normal to watch discharge, i beg your pardon may kind into a crust. Don't pick at it. Instead, dive a cotton round in some salt solution and wipe the late off. The crust may come off simpler after a warm shower.

7. The Healing process Will count on the place of the Piercing

A nostril piercing takes around four to six months to heal, however other species of piercings might take much shorter or much longer (see chart below). You must keep up through the aftercare routine for the entire duration of the heal time. Don't get lazy! Sometimes concerns with healing will arise, including obtaining bumps, black color marks, and scarring, or seeing the skin heal end the jewelry and basically swallow the up. To avoid such damaging things indigenous occurring, strictly follow the rule below.


To assist with the healing, clean the area with a saline equipment or your very own sea salt solution by mix 1/4 tespoon of salt through 8 oz. That water.Do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Things no to execute While that is Healing:

Don't touch it through dirty hands.Don't use moisturizer or makeup.Don't go swimming.Don't remove the jewelry.Don't twist it, touch it, or check it to make sure it’s tho there.

8. It have the right to Close earlier Up

I had actually to take it mine the end not rather two month after it to be pierced. I thought and hoped that would be long enough—and it practically was. After maintaining it the end for a week, the external piercing (on the nostril) was still open, however the piercing inside my sleep healed up pretty quickly. I guess the the skin within was just sensitive enough that it want to be done with it before I was. A couple of people said that I just go ahead and force among the studs with it. But, due to the fact that I don’t prefer blood or unnecessary pain, I made decision it was far more worthwhile to pay someone else to perform it with a suitable piercing needle and sterilization.

Nose Piercing heal Time

Type of PiercingHealing Time


4-6 months


6-8 weeks

Rhino or Vertical

6-9 months


4-6 months


8-12 weeks

9. You might Act prefer a complete Dork after that

It’s okay, though. You’re quiet cool. Type of. Just not together much. Because that me? Well, ns didn’t realize that it bothered me since it hadn’t hurt also much, and I acquire tattoos every the time. But, apparently, having my nose pierced pushed my mind over the edge. Rather of getting it pierced and walking out, ns fainted and also felt like I was going to happen out. Luckily, ns listened to mine body, and also I told my piercer what was going on. He sat me down and also grabbed a wet record towel because that me to placed on mine wrists and also forehead. Then, he got hold of me a sugary soda come drink. It assisted a lot. I felt much better after that, and, in about 5 minutes, i was up and moving. I’m happy I stated something due to the fact that not even a month or for this reason later, I gained my blood drawn and also passed out, hurting mine head in the process. Don’t mess with it if you feeling faint; call the person doing her piercing. You’ll it is in glad you did, even if it’s embarrassing at the moment.

10. You deserve to Accidentally traction the Piercing Out

And it hurts when you execute it. Before I acquired my piercing, I read a blogger's short article in which she pointed out that she pulled out her piercing by accident and that it hurt. She claimed that to be why she went v the nose screw. Ns laughed and thought, \"How can you accidentally remove a piercing that’s firmly in your nostril?\"

I laughed till I go it, too. I’m not sure how other people did it, but, for me, when the piercing to be new, every once in a while, I’d feel favor I had an itch on my nose. Of course, it was just my body's method of reacting to the stud, yet my mind didn't gain that message to me quickly enough, and I’d progressive a hand and rub the finish of my nose. Surely, the tiny gem would certainly get recorded on the leaf of mine hand and hang out. This happened several times, and I cursed increase a storm every time since I had controlled to do it again. It is in careful, however realize it’s probably going to take place at least once or twice.


11. You have to Re-Learn just how to blow Your nose

It’s something friend learned exactly how to carry out in kindergarten or earlier, but, when you pierce her nose, you have to learn just how to execute it anywhere again. If the piercing is tho healing, it hurts an dreadful lot come push versus it once you space holding a organization there.

I found pretty quickly that you will wind up with some boogers caught on the inside of the piercing. The little “leg” in over there will obtain all sorts of nastiness on it. Because that me, this expected that, during allergy season, I’d wind up with gunk on my piercing. Among the easiest ways to attend to it (when it acquired itchy) was to simply rinse it out the same method you would clean it once you acquired your early piercing. Then, blow your nose favor normal. Soft tissues space a necessity!

12. That Doesn’t always Show increase in photos

It doesn't constantly show increase in photos, unless you take a super close-up—in i beg your pardon case, be all set for a the majority of really intense scrutiny of your nose. As soon as I very first got my piercing, i took a snapshot and placed it increase on my on facebook page. I assumed it would be so obvious, but it wasn't. The early stud was pretty small, and it was nice and also shiny, but, in a straightforward picture indigenous a distance, it’s not immediately obvious.

This can be good and bad. If you desire to present it off, it can be difficult. But, if you’re make the efforts to take it “professional” pictures, it won’t really damages your look. The said, girlfriend can certainly get much less or an ext noticeable persons so that you have a range ready anytime you require to readjust the look.

13. Human being Will Ask about It...And judge You

Be ready to answer questions. Personally, I prefer to lie. Once someone comes up with a brilliant inquiry like, “Did you get your sleep pierced?” I simply say, “No.” i don’t explain. I don’t asking why. I don’t speak anything else—just “no.” It’s great to clock someone get confused.

Of course, if girlfriend actually execute want to talk around it, that’s cool, too. I’ve had actually some conversations with various other pierced people, and also we would certainly talk about where us buy our studs and where we got our piercings. One woman ns talked to stated she wanted to perform a nostril piercing. She already had she septum pierced however wanted to recognize if a nostril piercing was painful. Just like with tattoos, it have the right to be fun to talk around what you’ve pierced and why.

Some human being will think it’s trendy or cool. Rather will see it as a sign of civilization’s decay. Be prepared for both. Expropriate the compliments and also ignore the insults.

14. Swapping It out for a various Stud can Hurt

You space pushing folded metal through a tiny hole in your cartilage, after all. This is particularly true when you have actually a nose screw. I was surprised at just how much that hurt come swap out—I believed it would be like an altering out an earring. Nope!

The sleep is much an ext sensitive than the earlobe, so girlfriend will definitely feel the sleep stud going out and also the new one walk in. That said, the easiest way to make it less painful and easier on friend is come make certain things space well lubricated. Make certain to totally wash the brand-new stud with antibacterial soap and also water. Then, usage some saline solution on both your nose and also the stud. It’ll slide in much more easily the way.

15. Picking Your sleep Just got Harder!

I know, i know—no one *really* picks their nose, right? however that goes counter to what I watch (and do) in mine car. Us all know that periodically picking a sleep is wherein it’s at. I’m not implying that we all sit around and also do the non-stop, yet there are too many boogers lying roughly for them every to it is in accidents.

16. Zits hurt

For those of united state who space still unlucky enough to endure from acne, obtain ready to suffer more. There’s nothing quite like gaining a piercing, and then immediately getting a zit right alongside it. Besides the reality that a pimple damages all top top its own, you now also have the pain from the piercing near the zit since the skin is swelling up. On height of that, girlfriend can’t yes, really pop the zit since the piercing is so close the it will rub up against it or possibly cause it to pop before it’s ready.

You have to be careful due to the fact that you don’t desire to usage anything on the zit that might irritate the piercing—especially as soon as it’s new. You additionally have to be mindful when you wash it. Every in all, the ordeal is no what i would call a funny time.

If this unfortunate situation befalls you, dab some diluted tea tree oil ~ above the zit. It helps through the swelling and also kills bacteria!

17. That Doesn't cost Too Much

A nose piercing will certainly not make you broke, and also you most likely don't have to save money over several months come cover the costs. The price that a typical nose piercing is $30 to $80. This is the complete cost for the piercing and also the jewelry.

If piercers charge separately, climate the average expense of the piercing is $30 and also the jewel is about $10-$60, depending on the top quality of the metal and the design.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and also is not meant to substitute for formal and also individualized advice native a default professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: Is it feasible to pierce your nose and also hit a nerve, and also then never have the ability to see on your left/right eye ever before again?

Answer: it is always feasible that a nerve will certainly be hit - but an experienced and also professional piercer should recognize the right ar to pierce to prevent that type of nerve damage. It's no impossible, yet it is unlikely.

Question: must a nose piercing be excellent by the piercing gun (like at the mall) or the conventional method by a professional piercer?

Answer: The problem with the guns are the they literally room blowing the flesh the end of the way - castle do an ext damage to the tissue. A skilled piercer will be a needle, i beg your pardon will go into smoothly and also avoid damaging any other tissue close to the piercing.

Question: Would acquiring a nose piercing impact the means I to wash my face?

Answer: No, not really. The only thing to carry out is shot to stop getting everything soap/product you're utilizing in your nose, and be careful with a towel until you number out just how to no let the towel snag the piercing.

Question: What's the worst thing that have the right to possibly occur when gaining a sleep piercing, assuming that everything's excellent calmly and also professionally?

Answer: Honestly, together with any type of other piercing, you have the right to have bleeding, scarring, infection. No matter how well miscellaneous is done, there is a possibility that something can go wrong afterward.

Question: can I get a flower stud because that my an initial nostril piercing?

Answer: together a rule, no. Most piercers will have a an option for friend to select from. Lock will regularly want to usage their very own product, both for product and for cleanliness. If you lug one in, they have no way of discovering if it's sterile or not.

Question: If i were to obtain my nose pierced and also eventually decide ns don't want it anymore, might I take it it out? would certainly it leave a noticeable scar or hole?

Answer: You can remove it, and also it shouldn't leave a really noticeable hole or scar. It most likely won't leaving anything in ~ all. Simply like any other piercing, consisting of ear piercing, there is always the possibility of a note left. In many cases, the skin will heal if there is nothing there.

Question: Is it okay to acquire the nose piercing done at a Claire's?

Answer: Personally, I would certainly say no. It's as much as each human being to make their very own decisions, however I believe it's best to go to a experienced piercer. Rather of a \"gun,\" they usage a needle, and they are frequently inspected because that cleanliness (check her state's guidelines). Remember that this is placing a hole in your body, and so if it may be an ext expensive to go to a professional, opportunities are girlfriend won't regret it.

Question: I desire to obtain a sleep piercing, however my school doesn’t permit it, and I need to be able to go swimming in the summer. Would the piercing be much more prone to epidemic if I gain a flat head and also after 2 weeks placed a blister bandaid end it the rest of the time?

Answer: You usually want to offer it about a month come heal, so I would not suggest obtaining it when you know you'll it is in going right into a pool. Obviously, it's up to you what friend do, but my advice would be to wait till you're in a instance where girlfriend don't have to worry around an infection. If friend do pick to execute it, keep a cautious eye on any type of discharge or redness. If you eliminate the piercing two weeks in, the will likely close up.

Question: have the right to you carry out your very own nose piercing?

Answer: I carry out not introduce doing a nose piercing yourself. Going come a experienced is really the best - and should be the just - way. Professionals will follow needs for cleaning, sterilizing, and know how/where come pierce. Save in mind the if you were to shot to pierce the yourself, you'd require several winter to make certain you cover every the angles, and also even then, it would be extremely challenging to view your nose/placement of the piercing.

Question: ns have really bad anxiety. What deserve to I carry out to continue to be calm before getting my nose pierced?

Answer: This inquiry is probably much more suited come a hub on anxiety, but as someone who suffers from anxiety, here's mine take: deep breathing, meditation, and also having a squeezy toy. The squeezy toy is awesome when you're obtaining something pains done, ns find.

Question: carry out nose piercings hurt based on how huge your nose is?

Answer: I've never also thought that that, to it is in honest! ns don't think it makes that lot of a difference - a sleep is a nose is a nose. If you're more sensitive, then it harms more. I recognize that my sister's found it very painful when I uncovered it to it is in a contempt unpleasant pinch. Anyone is walk to it is in different, but size itself shouldn't make a difference.

Question: mine piercer said it takes 5-8 weeks because that a nose piercing to heal, but you stated 4-6 months. I’ve researched online and found very different opinions. What are the thoughts on how long I must keep that in?

Answer: I had actually to get my sleep re-pierced since I take it it out for an extended duration of time. I had actually it for around six weeks as soon as that happened. I think that it's like any kind of medical procedure - different world take different quantities of time come heal. Unless you have actually a good need to remove it, there's nothing wrong with letting it sit.

Question: have the right to I get my nose piercing switched to a hoop after ~ 3 1/2 months having it?

Answer: Yes, that need to be plenty of time. Just be sure to inspect the gauge so that the hoop will fit properly. There room multiple varieties of hoops, together well: you can obtain one that goes in and also twists close (using a pair the pliers or super solid hands), one that slides in and then is hosted with a tiny ball that's pressed right into the opening, and one that has a level spot the is propelled so that it is ~ above the inside of the nose. Girlfriend should have the ability to buy a pack with all three so that you can find which one is most comfortable.

Question: What is an appropriate age to acquire a piercing such as a septum?

Answer: It's yes, really a personal choice. The legal age in most states is 18, but you can sometimes acquire one younger if you have parental consent, so do keep that in mind.

Question: how old do you need to be to get a nose piercing?

Answer: The legislations vary somewhat, however generally you have to be 18 to get it done, without parental approval. Some places will pierce at any age, yet I indicate making certain you're ready. If your parent/parents won't assist you acquire it, climate you'll have to wait. Don't go to a piercer that will ignore your age - if they ignore that, room they also ignoring security measures?

Question: Does it hurt come clean a brand-new nose piercing?

Answer: Yes! at first. Simply like any type of other piercing (ear) or any other body mod, such as a tattoo, the won't feel very good for the first day or two. If you're gentle and also just wash it, the won't hurt very much, though. If it keeps hurting or if you notice any ede start, or any type of redness/discharge, speak to the piercer or a medical professional ASAP.

Question: This might sound a tad weird, but how can you phone call the difference in between an infection and snot leaking through? I gained my nose pierced around a week earlier (and I got a ring) and also the saline equipment (which i was instructed come soak in because that 10 minutes), but the saline solution causes my sleep to run and also get every snotty. I try to clean it, yet could the yellow crust that keeps forming just be snot or is the an infection?

Answer: From your description, I would certainly think it would simply be the heal process. If it's not obtaining red and also hurting a lot, that is most most likely *not* an infection. If the external of the piercing could close up, the within is quiet healing, and it's typical to gain a small amount the yellow \"crust\" together that happens. Save cleaning it, and if it has any other problems, go see your piercer or a doctor.

Question: have the right to you acquire your nose pierced v a piercing gun?

Answer: Technically, something is possible. Is that a an excellent idea? No. Have to you perform it? most likely not. Would certainly I recommend it? certainly not.

Answer: That's a concern that is certain to girlfriend - i personally dislike needles. I have actually been well-known to pass the end from having actually my blood drawn. When I got my nose pierced, it was okay. Mine sister got her sleep pierced, and she has no difficulty with needles, but she uncovered it really painful.

Question: exactly how long does the take because that a septum piercing come heal?

Answer: Septum piercings take longer than nose piercings. Septum takes around six come eight months to heal, but you can generally start an altering out the jewelry after 2 months. (Don't stop wearing her jewelry, yet you have the right to swap it.)

Question: can you \"see\" the nose ring? Is it always in your field of vision?

Answer: that feels prefer that appropriate after you've gotten it pierced! But, no, the feeling doesn't last. You deserve to still see it if friend really focus on that spot, but it quickly fades the end from your vision.

Question: once I pierced my nose, i couldn't gain a stud in therefore I had to have a ring in because that the an initial six weeks. Will certainly I be able to get a stud in after?

Answer: depends on the gauge the the ring - if you don't understand what gauge you had originally, questioning the piercer who did it because that you.

Question: i think mine piercing is sinking into my nostril. Or it may be the my sleep is simply swollen. Would pushing it increase or turn it assist keep that up?

Answer: If that looks prefer or feels favor it's sinking, you may want to go back to her piercer and see what's happening. While rare, any type of piercing can be rejected by your body. The other possibility is that it is swollen because you have actually an infection. Either way, obtain it examine out. Carry out not play with it, including spinning it. That's not an excellent to carry out if it's an epidemic or if the body is rejecting it.

Question: do you tip after you acquire a piercing?

Answer: Yes, just as friend would reminder for a tattoo, a massage, or any type of other \"body work\" you've had actually done through a professional. 20% is the standard, unless, like my sister, you were terrified and spent rather a while gift nervous and taking up the piercer's time, in which instance I would indicate going slightly higher.

Question: My mom doesn’t desire me to get a nose piercing, how deserve to I to convince her or do her an ext open to the idea?

Answer: short answer - you can't. Together a mother myself, if ns felt I had actually a great reason come say no, I most likely won't change my mind. However, if you wanted to try, show her that you've done your research. Show her the clean plastic alternatives so that you deserve to have the pierced yet hide it for institution or job-related or even just sophisticated events. Find out exactly how much it will be, and also where you can do it. Ask she why she's versus it, and also maybe you'll get much more insight ~ above why she's opposed.

If every else fails, simply wait till you're 18, and you can pay because that it yourself.

Question: How deserve to I clean boogers off my nose piercing while it's healing?

Answer: Carefully. You can use noþeles clean - document towel, tissue, washcloth - simply be an extremely gentle. You can likewise use a saline rinse. Because that me, I choose a warm, moist washcloth. I softly and slowly wipe about the piercing. I favor the washcloth since it's much easier to get wet and still save together.

Question: If you desire a sleep piercing, would certainly you try a faux one very first or just gain it pierced?

Answer: That's really a personal preference. I didn't, but that's because I knew that I wanted it. For a lip piercing though, ns did usage a \"fake\" one at first that simply clipped on. Because I felt the was a larger type piercing, i didn't want to hop right into it.

Question: I'm thinking about getting my sleep or my septum pierced. I beg your pardon one damages less?

Answer: that really counts on you and also the way you feeling pain. I've heard both - your nose is a an extremely sensitive area, and since it will certainly take much longer to acquire your septum pierced, you could find that worse. However, the cartilage in your nostril could be an ext painful for you. Ns suggest getting both pierced, and then you have the right to compare them.

Question: can I swim after 2 months after obtaining my nose pierced?

Answer: Yes, friend should have the ability to go into the water after the amount that time. However, if you notification it is acquiring extra red or inflamed, you might want to save an eye ~ above it and also make certain the chlorine isn't bothering it.

Question: will sweating epidemic my nostril piercing?

Answer: the shouldn't hurt it, yet I would indicate cleaning it out after working out during the healing process. When it's healed, you simply need to be certain not to connect in a sport that can pull the out. If it drops out, it's okay, yet you don't desire to accidentally capture it top top something. If it pulls out due to the fact that it's recorded on something, it will hurt and possible damage her nostril.

Question: I’ve had a stud in because that 3 years. My nose is totally healed. Yet when I shot and put a hoop in it get red and painful or a bump grows and I have to put the stud ago in. What carry out I do?

Answer: You may want to look right into the product of the hoop - is it different than your stud? It can be that your skin is sensitive to the metal you're using.

Question: What is the ideal age to obtain your sleep pierced?

Answer: anytime you're ready - as long as you're old sufficient or have parental approval. Ns didn't acquire my an initial nostril piercing until I was in my so late 30s. It's never ever too late.

Question: I have a sinus problem and also currently feel bunged up every year round. Will certainly a nose piercing make this worse?

Answer: The piercing won't make it worse, yet it has the potential to do the piercing less fun and comfortable because that you. If you're make the efforts to punch your nose a lot, girlfriend will most likely wind up acquiring the piercing captured on tissues. Sometimes I uncover it easier to usage a moist hand towel during allergy season. Be ready to push the piercing back in - and also don't throw away a organization without making certain the stud or hoop is tho in place.

Question: have the right to I wear foundation when I gain my nose pierced?

Answer: I would certainly advise against it. You will certainly probably have your piercing clues wiped down v alcohol or another kind of prep to assist avoid infection. If your structure was to obtain into her piercing, the might cause an infection.

Question: just how much time will certainly it take because that my sleep piercing come close up?

Answer: most of the time, if you've kept it in because that 6 come 8 weeks, you have the right to remove it. It may close up if it's not totally healed. While I removed mine around a month after the piercing, it did nearby up and also I had actually to obtain it re-pierced. Don't take it it out that soon is girlfriend can help it. You deserve to swap for various other jewelry, though, if that helps.

Question: have the right to I take the piercing the end for a couple of hours a pair of time a week for my basketball games?

Answer: when your piercing has healed, you deserve to take the out when you require to. If that hasn't healed however - usually if it's just been about a month - friend won't desire to take it it the end at all. In those cases, you can put a band-aid over her piercing, and also that should assist protect it.

Question: If i go swimming after obtaining my nose pierced, will anything negative happen?

Answer: If it's not completely healed, friend can acquire an epidemic from the water, or that may just irritate it, depending upon the quantity of chlorine in the pool. As soon as it's healed, you need to be fine. One of two people way, be cautious not to pop it out once you dry off. :)

Question: can a model have a nose piercing?

Answer: In general, yes. There are many models who have them. Also, keep in mind the there space \"invisible\" plastic studs the you can use in order come hide the piercing. It might stop friend from gaining some jobs, however it likewise might help. It depends on what you'll it is in modeling for.

Question: What happens if her piercing drops out once you were sleeping, and you placed it back in?

Answer: It must be fine, as lengthy as you can put it earlier in. Once your piercing heals, the shouldn't be any kind of problem in ~ all. In fact, depending upon the towel I'm using, I have pulled mine out multiple times.

Question: go the outside of a sleep piercing (the skin) cure after removing it?

Answer: Maybe. The really counts on the human being - similar to when girlfriend pierce her ears, some human being will have them close increase while rather may have them it s okay slightly smaller or never have a large difference.

Question: If i accidentally eat tamarind once I have pierced my nose recently, what will happen?

Answer: uneven you're snorting it, it have to be fine. Shot to make sure not come touch your nose once your hands are dirty due to the fact that that can gain an infection started, but eating something shouldn't be a problem.

Question: can you obtain an epidemic if your nose is periced?

Answer: Yes. The is not common, yet just like any other body art, it can acquire infected. To protect against infection, store the site clean, avoid playing v your jewel while it's tho healing, and don't use anything except a saline rinse to save it clean. If you find that you have actually signs of one infection, take treatment of it ideal away. You could need to let the piercing close as component of the heal process, relying on what type of infection/how poor the infection is.

Question: will certainly my nose look choose a tomato the day after it's been pierced?

Answer: hope not. The shouldn't swell increase or revolve bright red. If it does, view a physician ASAP. In general, it was sore in ~ the site of the piercing, and also there may be redness. There need to not it is in any significant swelling. If there's minor swelling, shot gently making use of an ice cream pack.

Question: should I go to the doctor is my nose piercing it s okay an infection?

Answer: there is constantly an option for at-home treatment, but since it is an infection, ns would indicate going come the doctor. Act it in ~ home might make the epidemic worse, specifically if your an approach fails and also it turns right into an ever bigger infection. This is your face - friend don't desire anything bad to happen.

Question: when I clean the within of my sleep piercing, it feels sort of weird, prefer the earlier of the piercing is moving approximately a lot. Is the okay?

Answer: the shouldn't be moving too much if you're just using some saline/salt water come rinse it. As lengthy as it's not hurting, though, I would certainly think it would certainly be okay. Over there are different gauges the rings, for this reason you may just have actually one that's contempt smaller. As always, if friend think it might be acquiring infected or if there is any type of pain/discharge, examine with a professional piercer or your doctor.

Question: If someone touches mine piercing, what have to I do?

Answer: If it's quiet healing, rinse it off. It's hard to save from poignant it accidentally, so that shouldn't be any different than once you touch that yourself, unless they occur to have actually been emotional something an especially unpleasant before.

Question: exactly how long must I wait to put a ring in? i just obtained my nose pierced yesterday. Ns was told a month or two.

Answer: i would certainly suggest at least a month before transforming the piercing. You want to make sure that it's completely healed prior to you swap out the jewelry. Any type of sooner than that, and also you might run right into a trouble with infection, discomfort, or the hole healing/getting too little for the hoop. Also, be certain to check the gauge! If you get a hoop that is bigger than your present piercing, it will be very daunting or difficult to put it in. You deserve to use water to aid lubricate the hoop once you're placing it.

Question: I operation a lot, for this reason if ns were to get a nose piercing, should I remove it prior to I go on a run?

Answer: I'm not right into running at all, so I'm not certain why you would must remove it. As soon as it's healed, you can treat it like any other cartilage piercing.

Question: with the danger of infection after a sleep piercing, do you think it would certainly be for sure to get one if breastfeeding? Also, will certainly a sleep ring hurt as soon as I lay under on mine pillow in ~ night and cause mine sleep to be disrupted? after ~ it's healed, perform you introduce removing it in ~ night? have the right to I walk to a pool with my kids afterward, leaving mine head above water?

Answer: This advice is based on an individual experience and also is not medical advice.

I personal wouldn't feel that the danger was any greater while breastfeeding. Friend wouldn't need to worry around bleeding prefer you would throughout pregnancy.

It more than likely will hurt as soon as you try to loss asleep, but I know that mine didn't store me awake. If you're really sensitive to pain, you might want to take into consideration the time of acquiring it done. There's no reason to eliminate it once it's healed, especially when it's first healed due to the fact that it can still near up sufficient to do it tough to obtain the piercing ago in.

While it's healing, ns would shot to stop the pool, specifically with kids. You may not average to dunk your head, yet you can get splashed or slip. That isn't awful to accidentally get some swimming pool water on it, yet it's not ideal.

Question: i have had my sleep piercing for a month now, and when i tried to take it out and also it hurt, is that normal?

Answer: I had actually the exact same thing take place to me. For some reason, my sleep - and also yours, i think - is a little bit extra sensitive. After a couple of months, it felt fine, but since healing is never ever the exact same for any two people, just give it time.


seerena on June 17, 2020:

Is it ok to acquire a sleep piercing v a stuffed nose

Kurhula top top June 08, 2020:

I pirced on my left side nose i obtained an epidemic then this year ns pierced in my appropriate side acquired an epidemic is the a considered as a bad luck ??

Aliyah on might 27, 2020:

I'm getting my sleep pierced in two weeks

Skylar on may 26, 2020:

I’m getting my sleep pierced tomorrow and found this article and also it was an extremely helpful!!! I’m no necessarily scared of needles but I execute hate lock a lot therefore I’m nervous however this assisted ^^

Ruchika ~ above April 26, 2020:

Hey I gained my sleep pierced a month earlier and since then i am gaining mix compliments.i really desire to get rid of it through min feasible scar.kindly assist and I will certainly be thankful to you for whole life

alyssa top top April 10, 2020:

I'm acquiring my sleep pierced next month and I'm so happy I discovered your short article because now I know what to intend from this so thank you!

Briana ~ above April 01, 2020:

I love this website aready

Nicole on in march 27, 2020:

I have actually a bump on my piercing have the right to I just remove it i don’t want it anymore

BikersGearGermany on march 07, 2020:

Wow! It may helps us. Thanks:)

Rowen on march 07, 2020:

Can I acquire two piercings at the very same time? (I setup on getting a sleep ring and septum piercing) execute I have to wait for one come heal prior to I acquire the other one?

alexandra top top February 22, 2020:

what execute you execute if girlfriend get frequent nose bleeds?

Daph on February 18, 2020:

This is helpful. Thanks

Dylan ambrogio ~ above February 16, 2020:

What do you execute if you gain HayFever indigenous the pollen in summer and also you acquire a runny nose ...like deserve to it impact your Peircing or reason infection ...especially if it's healing ....I haven't acquired one but knowing me I obtain hay fever favor all the time haha

Katie on February 05, 2020:

I to be 15 and also got my nose pierced and it candid did not hurt, my eyes watered because that a few seconds yet it didnt hurt. My nose bled a small but yet we cleaned around it with an alcohol pad and it feeling so much better, i simply wish i acquired it done with a different stud due to the fact that im stuck to this one for 6 month now, but overall i love it.

Anya Ali from Rabwah, Pakistan ~ above February 01, 2020:

Just reading this make me feeling faint, LOL!

macayla top top January 13, 2020:

I obtained my sleep pierced 2 days back and i love it. My nose is very small so ns didn't think it would certainly look right yet it does and I choose it.

Chantelle top top January 05, 2020:

I pierced my very own nose through a sewing needle and I'm 13 ns didn't numb it i clean it through a salt water equipment and likewise cleaned the needle and jewellery through it then did the very same with rubbing alcohol i washed my hand a lot then v rubbing alcohol i did it yesterday the pain range was a 1-10 pushing the needle through was easy however putting in the hoop in was harder and also it do the ache 3-10 yet it was bearable it was my an initial piercing other than my ear which ns have had done due to the fact that a younge age I purchased my hoop indigenous Amazon and also the healing process didn't hurt just they say to prevent makeup yet I didnt i did my assembly every day I just put a layer on alcohol in my foundation around mine nose and it hasn't been infected and also is totally healed and also only took 2 months ns can change it with out looking and take the out and also it feel the exact same as just how u would perform for a ear no ache what so ever however when I an initial pierced it i didn't recognize much about it so i wasn't certain of the risks yet everything walk well other than when u acquire a cold however the many painful part I have to say because that me was placing the jewellery in yet it to be bare able for this reason if her looking to acquire ur nose pierced I extremely recommend it however sleeping have the right to be a issue but I was extra careful what ns did was i made sure to sleep facing the the opposite side to mine piercing another thing ns did was covered it by placing a sock throughout my nose and also tapping is to my cheeks sound odd yet really works have to try

Sydney top top December 31, 2019:

I think this is an extremely helpful I read it all thanks so much.

Heaven on December 29, 2019:

I am going to obtain it done in a couple of years

Kdawg on December 26, 2019:

lmao MaxineQ it is in wildin'

Autumn ~ above December 14, 2019:

Is that ok to obtain a nose piercing through a stuffed nose

Alex top top December 07, 2019:

Did her piercing ever cause any type of problems with job interviews or working in general? was it seen as unprofessional?

Kubashni ~ above November 11, 2019:

Hi ,is it feasible to pierce my nose with a hoop because that my an initial time?

To (:: and also MaxineQ (Im Koda) top top October 16, 2019:

Maxine, you don't make any sense. How is getting a sleep piercing mean you have low self-esteem. That's open minded the many stupid thing I've ever before heard. (:: -- I thought it was cool the both of united state are acquiring a nose piercing as shortly as we rotate 14 lol.

achu ~ above October 06, 2019:

Nose stud suits all varieties of nose shapes

Arianna on September 30, 2019:

Great acticle and very infromation. Therefore what happens if ns take. A shower and i use my challenge wash and also it irrattes the whay perform i. Use?

Kenza M ~ above September 27, 2019:

Hi I want to to get a piercing however I do number skating will that reason a poor reaction when my sleep gets cold

Via skize ~ above September 24, 2019:

This is really advantageous now mine only issue is whereby to put mine! thank you

Catherine Berry native Belgrade ~ above September 11, 2019:

You have absolutely done your research. I was really impressed v the thoroughness when you explained every one of the risk factors when piercing the nose. I never ever knew there to be so much to consider!

Rachel Pearson on July 25, 2019:

As because that cleaning the wound, my piercer called me to usage Bactine. Thank God I had read increase beforehand and also knew that was terrible advice! Bactine kills germs, however it is as well harsh on her piercing to permit it to cure properly.

I use a sea salt systems that ns mix at home. 1/4 tsp sea salt (I just shake some out. That am ns kidding?) and 8oz heat water. I tear a cotton sphere in fifty percent and dip half into the salt water. Then ns gently insert it right into my nostril and also leave it there for around 5 minutes. While that's increase there, I use a Qtip to clean the outside and also then ns dip the other fifty percent of the noodle ball into the water and also lay the on the exterior for around 5 minutes.

Before beginning this practice, ns felt young tenderness once I flared mine nostrils, but after just a couple of times v this brand-new method, I already noticed that there was no tenderness in ~ all!

Kayyy on July 13, 2019:

I usage the screw, and it really doesn’t hurt to swap out. For me, it is really easier than a regular stud. The doesn’t autumn out when I sleep, or to wash my face. But, i carry out tend come sneeze when I swap rings...

Tessa top top June 26, 2019:

Get some hydro colloid acne dots, those would certainly suck up a zit without popping and also bothering the piercing.

Anti MaxineQ on June 18, 2019:

Lol MaxineQ can not spell or write so let’s just neglect their man comment

(:: on may 29, 2019:

I uncover it hilarious exactly how many civilization are saying we gain nose piercings since of low me esteem hahaha. Additionally a many of human being keep speak dose rather of walk on here?.. Thanks though, this is good advice together I am obtaining my sleep piercing quickly for my fourteenth birthday.

Jeannie on may 29, 2019:

Love your post so much information I have actually 4 ear piercings and plan on 1 more ear piercing to add redoing my nose had actually to take it mine the end for an X-ray point closed appropriate up ugh. Acquired 6 tattoos gonna acquire at least 2 more and I’m a proud grandma. Simply wanted come say give thanks to again because that all her information very well composed .

montana kirvan on may 28, 2019:

if you adjust from a stud come a ring will certainly it hurt and will the feet close up

Sherin on may 26, 2019:

Thx, this was really helpful I’m hoping to obtain mine soon and hope that ns won’t gain killed :). Thx again.

Michael on April 28, 2019:

Side track: girlfriend do notification that there room two number 2 and also two number 5 right?

So there are 19.

But great post. Always great to read various other peoples experiences.

. on April 07, 2019:

Thinking about a nose piercing. And also this was helpful. Also, maxineQ, im sorry u r together an idiot that u feel we determined nose piercings cuz of low self asteem. Since u did search this up, probably, what go this say around U?

anonymous on in march 19, 2019:

What around makeup? carry out I have to worry about that?

Eve on in march 04, 2019:

Great advice, an especially on aftercare. I just got mine done and also never establish how regularly I flare my nose simply talking. Ouch! i can't wait for the healing procedure to be done.

Also, I desire to suggest out the the most critical comments so much on this article also happen to be the many poorly written. Ns can't assist but think over there is a correlation to it is in gleaned.

Gabbie ~ above January 30, 2019:

I’m obtaining mine pierced Saturday, however spring break is in a month or so and one the the points stated no swimming during healing process, what space people’s thougts? will certainly I it is in fine to swim two months after ~ I gain it pierced?

mollievx ~ above January 18, 2019:

I found allude number 13, \"people will judge you\" rather interesting. In mine culture, nose piercings were very common until recently. Every our moms and also grandmothers have them, but now they are taken into consideration kinda old fashioned and uncool. Ns have developed a sudden advice to keep the heritage alive and also hence was looking up part info. This write-up was useful. Give thanks to you!

Savannah. top top January 17, 2019:

I honk world who have nothing yet hurtful Abdul disrespectful points to to speak shouldn’t comment. Me esteem has actually nothing to carry out with the it’s about what I want on my body. Ns dont need rude remarks the it reflects I’m an you are fool or ns don’t care around myself or that’s it renders me look prefer a cow. It’s my nose and also I favor how’ve it looks I’m no an you are fool I’m a nurse and I have a very high education. Therefore this isn’t the age of idiots I’m i m really sorry you simply can’t other than that their are various ways human being express your personalities.

anomalous ~ above December 26, 2018:

how long does that take because that the piercing to heal

Allie G top top December 05, 2018:

so ns am a compete dancer and want to gain my nose pierced. I desire to gain a nose piercing but I will have to take it out for a maybe approximately 12 hrs for like one day prefer every month or 2 months will certainly that reason it to close up?

Denise Johnson native Brooklyn ~ above November 28, 2018:

Evidence suggests that the more you space exposed come metal, the more likely you may be to construct an allergy to it. Therefore, the an ext piercings friend have, the greater your danger of developing a problem.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines top top November 06, 2018:

There is so lot information right here that is very helpful. Give thanks to you for such a well created article.

Simon ~ above November 01, 2018:

I wish I had read your write-up before I acquired it pierced. An excellent article keep it up

Dee Kings top top October 07, 2018:

Thank you for such an informative and also interesting article. I want my nostril pierced, and also I desire to perform my research and be completely informed. Assuming things based on my experiences piercing ear (my own and many friends and also family end the years) might have led to complications or a bad reaction when having my nose pierced and then the aftercare.

It seems your write-up covered most everything. I really learned a lot.

Thanks again.

Debra Roberts from Ohio top top September 21, 2018:

What an many information article! I gained a fragile nose stud done when I was 45 (now 51). I LOVE it so much. I had actually my studs tradition made in emerald-cut diamond (rose gold) and also a bue sapphire (white gold). World tell me the looks so organic on me and also compliment just how classy the studs look. I was worried around getting it gift a nurse and in the public eye, yet my manager approved it and no one has ever before complained or called me the looks bad. That was an extremely painful when I gained it done and also it pains for about 5-6 months. I had a damaging time obtaining comfortable taking it in and also out since it to be so tender. One day in the shower, mine towel caught on the round (it to be the one lock pierced it with) and ripped it the end of mine nose. I around threw up, that hurt prefer hell. I visited the ar where I acquired it done since I might not obtain it back in. By the moment they might see me, that has currently started to close up (yes, the fast, in prefer 4 hours) and they had actually to use forceps to gain it earlier in as the angle to be messed up; the took about 20 minutes. It was nauseating. Other than that, once every little thing healed and also I grew a pair lol, it's to be the simplest thing ever and also I love that so much. I would certainly not pierce any other part of my confront or body (ears room triple done, however that's it) together I prefer the simplicity of the single stud. I likewise think kids should not be gaining piercings until they are adult and also able to do the maturation decision, simply my 2 cents. No one knows what they want in your teens and they readjust their minds prefer the wind! Anyways, fine done!

Katherine Sanger (author) native Texas on respectable 28, 2018:

It is always best to gain a piercing indigenous a skilled in a clean, sterile shop.

I'm no a piercer, and I clearly can't offer medical advice. The said, perform NOT pierce your own belly button. That is no a spot come mess through on your own. I do know civilization who have actually pierced their own noses and been fine, but if you to be going to do that, girlfriend would need to be extremely mindful to not obtain an infection.

Kim on august 25, 2018:

So what I want to talk about is the my family is poor and also we'll I want to acquire my nose pierced and my belly button pierced so I want to know just how dangerous or safe it is to do it mine self

SarK on respectable 12, 2018:

I just obtained my nose pierced yesterday together a birthday present, and also it did no hurt hardly at all!! the was choose a shot, if that! I started to panic as soon as I acquired in the chair and I believed I can faint (I have a are afraid of needles) but I really wanted it done. I am for this reason glad i did it, the tiny bit of pains is gone already, and also it looks therefore cute!! certainly recommend!!

Leo girlfriend on august 06, 2018:

I finally changed the earring in my nose to a hoop yeaaa. )however is it regular for sleep to be a tiny sore after? and I have a small bump must I be worried? and also it hurts when I relocate it up and also down need to I stop

Analiese on august 02, 2018:

I acquired my sleep pierced last night and I for sure love it! despite the just down side is it damages a hella lot come yawn and me gift a lazy human yawns choose a thousand time in a day but other 보다 that i love it so much. This article was really useful, give thanks to you!

Marilyn top top July 29, 2018:

I took pleasure in reading the advice therefore much. I'm acquiring my nose pierced for a 2nd time and I'm 62 year old. After treatment is explained so plainly that I'm feeling much an ext confident now.

I had a cork screw nose ring critical time and I hatted it. It virtually stuck out the finish of my nose...lol. But I trimmed it down for comfort and I finished up loosing it.

Sorry for rambling yet I love her videos. Thanks for offering me confidence.

Debbie ~ above July 06, 2018:

I uncovered this short article before getting my nostril pierced critical night. I discovered it very helpful and after analysis it decided -- at 54 year old -- to do the piercing. I'm over the moon!

Lynn ~ above June 18, 2018:

I just pierced mine top top my own two days ago, and it's my 16th piercing, 13th excellent by hand. Healing well, and looks lovely. No swelling, though the job after ns did that I had actually to song at Graduation and also accidentally traction it halfway the end trying to rub my nose. Obtained it earlier in place, a small blood, yet nothing big. I supplied a 16g piercing needle and a nose stud. IF YOU space GOING to PIERCE her OWN, it is in SMART, CLEAN, and also SAFE.

Don't usage peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean since it actually helps reason infection. 1/8 to 1/4 tespoon of salt come 8 oz warmth water.

charlotte ~ above June 01, 2018:

i really desire to obtain mine pierced however my dad wont let e he doesnt ever before listen to me! its for this reason annoying, ns think im simply gonna get it done anyway.

Amy on might 24, 2018:

Hi i was simply wondering, if you have a nostril peircing and take it out for a couple of hours one day after virtually 2 month healing time, will certainly that it is in ok? Or not? I could be having my nose pierced soon and am simply curious

Nina on might 21, 2018:

Hi there, I acquired my sleep pierced 3 days earlier now. I was wondering if it’s typical for the whole half of my nose to swollen or not?

It gained so swollen the jewelry began to sink a little bit but I got the swelling to go down, I’m just now noticing that the whole half of my sleep is swollen not just the nostril.

Susan top top April 10, 2018:

Hai I had actually my septum re-pierced but it is not at the initial spot and also I am really unsatisfied..It looks prefer two dots under my sleep thats all..pls help? should I wait fr it come heal very first and adjust the horseshoe ring or just let it fully close

Ali on march 06, 2018:

I have my sleep pierced and also I go from a nostril screw come a nose bone the was a little bigger. Will it impact my sleep in a harmful was?

Daphne on in march 03, 2018:


I always have pimples approximately my nose during MA periods... Some times they appear on nostrils. Do you think if ns continue and pierce my nose my pimples will divert and pop the end from an additional spot quite on height of my piercing?

How do you know that a pin or stud is Stainless steel ?

Rose on February 26, 2018:

Thank you!! every the information was really helpful!! :)

Julie on February 23, 2018:

Thank you!! i am considering this and appreciate her advice!!

eliza ~ above January 30, 2018:

i’m reasoning of gaining my nose pierced. Is it hard to blow your nose once you have a cold/sick etc

Liz ~ above January 29, 2018:

Thanks so much for this article! i truly delighted in reading it and also it answer allot of the inquiries I had. I likewise had a couple lol moments as well :). Thanks for the honesty!

tina on January 21, 2018:

am obtaining a sleep piercing soon...read the whole page.thanks a lot because that the info

Casey top top January 03, 2018:

For the love of God be mindful when friend wipe your confront with a towel. The small loops will certainly rip her piercing ideal out and also it will feel as if the evil one himself has actually pissed in her open confront wound. Simply so you males know.

charlotte on December 26, 2017:

I desire my nose pierced so bad its all I deserve to think around night and also day. My dad called me ns couldnt he doesnt understand. I have A like ON nose PIERCINGS!!

Rach top top December 24, 2017:

Lm - to obtain rid of any kind of growths next to your piercings (which space normal therefore I have actually read) you can use warmth salt water. Make sure you use rock salt. Dip right into salt water with cotton wool and cover ~ above nose, keep doing this and then I finished up using a spoon to provide my sleep a salt bath/shower and also dry with clean tissue paper. It have to clear up in ~ a couple of days but continue to execute this for a week to make sure it is clearing up.

See more: Scient Is It Important For Scientists To Share Their Findings With The Public?

AN top top November 29, 2017:

Just acquired my nose pierced yesterday, a small stud. I check out the totality page. Thanks I expect this wont be therefore bad.

Sarah ~ above November 28, 2017:

I have multiple tattoos and also got my sleep pierced and also had the exact same reaction. I fully fainted and was shaking sufficient my husband believed I was having actually a seizure. I couldn't believe it. After sit in a tattoo chair for 3 plus hours I pass out from a piercing and also it wasn't my first piercing. Ns wish someone had actually warned me

Lm top top November 09, 2017:

I had actually my sleep pierced on sixth sep and also I’ve had a lump on the side of mine nose and doesn’t desire to go! any ideas top top what I can do to eliminate the lump?

Nicole K top top November 03, 2017:

I don't think i would ever personally pierce my nose, back I execute think the L-shape is quite on part people. I love how in-depth your explanations are!

M.J on October 13, 2017:

I acquired mine excellent last year and i arisen hypotrophic scarring (keloid?) and also only recently decided to take it all out and let that heal. Shot not acquiring it v gun coz it will certainly scar an ext easy. My keloid go away through sea salt solution and also tea tree oil

jenn top top September 26, 2017:

I did mine about a year back , didn't pains me at all. Yet one time i gotten rid of it because that a few hours and putting my piercing earlier was difficult... Anyway i love it

Kimberly on September 05, 2017:

I got my nose