A reasonably accurate transcription of the Mario layout tune, if I may say for this reason myself! It"s pretty challenging and not simple to check out (first tune i"ve done through no lyrics...!) so good luck - it"s super fun to play once you have the right to work up to rate :)

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^E ^E ^E ^C ^E ^G G

^C G E A B Bb A G ^E ^G ^A ^F ^G ^E ^C ^D B

^C G E A B Bb A G ^E ^G ^A ^F ^G ^E ^C ^D B

^G ^F# ^F ^D ^E G A ^C A ^C ^D ^G ^F# ^F ^D ^E *C *C *C

^G ^F# ^F ^D ^E G A ^C A ^C ^D ^D# ^D ^C

^C ^C ^C ^C ^D ^E ^C A G ^C ^C ^C ^C ^D ^E

^C ^C ^C ^C ^D ^E ^C A G ^E ^E ^E ^C ^E ^G G

^C G E A B Bb A G ^E ^G ^A ^F ^G ^E ^C ^D B

^C G E A B Bb A G ^E ^G ^A ^F ^G ^E ^C ^D B

^E-^C G G A ^F ^F A B ^A ^A ^A ^G ^F ^E ^C A G

^E-^C G G A ^F ^F A B ^F ^F ^F ^E ^D ^C G E C

^C G E A B A G# Bb G# G-F#-G

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