part players in Roblox say “pm me if you have a suggestions” or something favor that. Ns was wonder if anybody might tell me exactly how to private post in Roblox?

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from the Roblox Support page "How to Send messages to other Players"

If you are not already friends v the person that girlfriend would choose to connect with, you have the right to still send them messages as long as you and they have permitted this in your privacy settings. To discover them, type their username right into the search bar at the optimal of the screen and also choose the Search (username) in People option in the set of options that will pop up. Click their name in the perform of find results and also it will certainly take friend to their profile wherein you deserve to click your Message button.


It"s really easy. There space two options, depending on whether the user you"d like to call has safechat or not.

Safe chat version:If the user has safechat, climate you need to search their username, then click on the human you wish to contact. ~ above the ideal of their user picture, there is a button which girlfriend click and also it need to friend the person. Then, once they accept, you deserve to click Message, which have to be a switch in the very same spot, and you deserve to message them!

Non-safe chat version:This one is really easy. You search up your username, climate click the person you wish to contact. Beside their user picture, on the right, click the three dots and also click Follow. Climate you will have the ability to click the message button and message them.


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