When you get a trade proposal, you may either accept or decline it.The device will immediately cancel the trade sell within a specified variety of days if the trade is neither welcomed or declinedThe entire league will certainly be emailed when the trade is embraced so the other team managers have the right to review it and also vote against it follow to the league rules

Accept a profession on the web:

On her "My Team" web page you will see a link for "Pending Moves" listed below your team Information. Click on "Pending Moves" to open the review window.


​Click "review trade".


Accept or decline the profession from this screen.


Accept a profession on the smashville247.net Fantasy App

Navigate to your team"s home page

Tap on the clock next to your team name


"Tap ~ above "Pending Moves


​Tap on "Review"


​Accept or decrease the profession from this screen

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