I am including an man GIF document to windows Movie Maker. However, it has no computer animation effects and it only shows up as the frame and it has actually no animation effects. Through this matter, ns am now looking for some assist to overview me in convert gif files that can work well in Movie Maker.

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Hacks to income animated GIFs to Movie Maker

First, I want to suggest that the home windows Movie maker should it is in upgraded indigenous the older variation to the latest version which is the home windows Live Movie Maker. This latest variation has more interesting features and also effects that will make video editing easier.

Method one: change duration setups in windows live movie maker

To income GIF right into Windows Movie machine can be merely done v just few clicks. Once you have this regimen all you require is to open it and import the man GIF file that friend desire to usage by clicking add videos and photos. Currently when the record is ~ above the program’s platform, struggle the video Tools tab and you will see the duration field, simply readjust the time i m sorry is in seconds to right in the animation length and also movements the the GIF photo. Be sure that you understand the actual size of the man file; girlfriend can examine it by looking that through picture viewer. Just form the value till that matches the GIF image. Come insert additional GIF files and also videos follow these very same procedures. And also save the video clip when you room done through all the editing. Moreover, to use it in further video clip project you can continue with the after you change the Duration.


Method two: utilizing VirtualDub

When you uncover it tough to regulate and adjust the expression in Movie maker which is essential to add GIFs to home windows Live Movie Maker, you have the right to utilize VirtualDub. It is typically used for video clip compression, while it also has a role of converting GIF right into AVI file. Just download the VirtualDub and look for its icon and also click it to open. Now hit file on the menu and choose open up video file and browse for the GIF picture that you desire to process. ~ the picture is open, you have the right to now struggle back record and climate Save, be sure that friend are conserving it together on a AVI format. The is a great tool to use but it can only procedure one document at a time which may be time consuming. Once the conversion to AVI is done, we can now insert an animated GIF right into Movie device but now in an AVI format and instantly continue with the creating a brand-new video.

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Both that the above methods have the right to be usage perfectly to import animated GIFs come Movie Maker. However, the difference would it is in on the moment that that takes because that the processing and accessibility of the GIF’s file. By utilizing Windows Live Movie an equipment the GIF image have the right to be straight use for video making after transforming the Duration. While through VirtualDub, the GIF picture that to be converted to AVI have to be imported again to home windows Live Movie maker to be made use of for developing a video, which deserve to take much more time come accomplish. It is much better to shot them both before deciding which technique is to utilize.