Learn just how to effectively fit football shoulder pads to gain the most coverage, performance, and safety from yours! measure up shoulder pads is easy, as soon as you know exactly how to do it.

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You spend a lot of money suiting yourself, or your child, up for the game. Helmets, chin straps, pads, cleats…they all help protect friend on the field, yet unfortunately, together they deserve to all cost an arm and also a leg! So to make sure you’re gaining the most for your money, it’s incredibly important to uncover the right equipment for her size. Improperly fitting football equipment, no matter how high-end and also advanced, isn’t worth package they put it in if that doesn’t fit you! This is why football shoulder pad sizing is therefore important.

Let me take a couple of minutes and run under the best way to measure and also fit football shoulder pads, therefore you understand you’re acquiring the many coverage and also performance the end of yours. Just follow these simple steps, and also you’ll it is in in great shape:

Grab a girlfriend or a parent. measuring yourself deserve to be awkward, and also may bring about inaccurate readouts and ill-fitting shoulder pads.
Measure her chest. Standing up straight, have someone plunder a flexible measuring tape approximately your upper torso and record the measurements. Think about wearing a tight fitting shirt to gain the most accurate, next-to-skin dimensions possible.Measure your shoulder width.  Again, standing increase straight, stretch 
the tape end the edge of your shoulders, in between the AC joints (those are the joints in between the top of her shoulders), and record the measurements.Weigh yourself. Typically, youth shoulder pads space sized by load class, therefore to effectively fit youth shoulder pads, it’s important to recognize your exact weight.

Once you have actually these numbers written down, you deserve to start purchase for brand-new football shoulder pads. SU has actually a huge an option of youth and adult shoulder pads because that every position, age range, and also budget, native the optimal brands prefer Schutt, Riddell, Douglas, and also Bike…just saying.

When you discover the shoulder pads for you, merely consult the size chart uncovered on the product page, and also use her shoulder pad measurements to understand which dimension to select.

Now, when you obtain them, it’s vital to know how to placed on football shoulder pads. Friend should likewise make certain they fit properly, and deliver the coverage and mobility friend need before using them. Once you obtain your pads, make sure to:

Bring the pads down over her head. Align the shoulder pads carefully, and also be sure not to scrape your eye or nose when putting them on.Secure every straps and also laces. each shoulder pad former connector and also strap system is different, relying on brand and position, however no issue what the configuration, make certain to properly attach the former and ago of her pads. Then tightly buckle all belts and straps 
to obtain a snug, comfortable fit against the chest and back.Check the fit. Once everything is secure, certain the shoulder pads to the right properly. The padding shouldn’t be pinching your collar, and should sit comfortably on your shoulders. Typically, about 1″ the padding should expand from her shoulders.
Check coverage in the front and also back. The shoulder pads should fully cover your sternum and upper shoulders, as well as your scapula and rhomboid. Check this full coverage by expanding your hands over your head. Properly fitting and measured shoulder pads must still covering these areas when lifted up.Move approximately and double check the fit. Perform part on-fieldactions in the brand-new pads 
(even if it looks a small weird), to dual check comfort, fit, and also coverage in game-like situations.

Follow these steps, and you’ll obtain the absolute ideal coverage, performance, and comfort from her shoulder pads, no matter how much you invest on them.

And remember, if girlfriend have any type of further inquiries or concerns about your pads, or any kind of other football gear for that matter, you can always consult sporting activities Unlimited’s Shoulder Pad Buyer’s Guide, or our huge library the football equipment buyer’s guides, the cover every aspect of every little thing football indigenous football helmets to thigh pads.

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By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at sports Unlimited.
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ryan goring

i have a question, my son is 5.10 and his shoulders are 18.5 and also his chest is a tiny smaller than the dimension that his shoulders are built for, just how do ns go about buying that pads, should i go by his shoulder size or his chestthanks