Gretchen Siegchrist is a professional videographer that enjoys helping amateurs master the basics of desktop video.

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Although you don"t have to add music to her video, music set a mood and adds a skilled touch. IMovie provides it straightforward to access music and also mix audio the is already stored in iTunes on her computer.

Click top top the Audio tab in ~ the height of the display screen next to the mine Media tab.Select iTunes in the left panel to display the music in your music library. Scroll v the perform of tunes. To preview one, click it and also then click the play switch that shows up next to it.Click the tune that friend want and drag the to your timeline. It shows up underneath the video and picture clips. If the runs longer than her movie, you deserve to trim that by clicking the audio monitor on the timeline and dragging the ideal edge to enhance the end of the clips above it.
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watch Your video clip

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Now you have actually all the components you wantedin your movie sit on the timeline. Move your cursor end the clips in the timeline and see a vertical heat that suggests your position. Place the verticle line at the start of your first video clip ~ above the timeline. You"ll see the an initial frame enlarged in the big editing section of the screen. Click the play button under the big image for a preview of the movie you have actually so far, complete with music.

You deserve to stop now, happy with what you have, or youcan include effects to liven increase your video footage.

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including Effects to her Movie

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To add a voiceover, click the microphone symbol at the bottom left corner of the movie preview screen and also start talking. 

Use the results buttons that run across the optimal of the movie preview display to:

Adjust color, skin tones or white balanceChange the saturation or temperature of the colorCrop a picture or use a Ken Burns effectStabilize shaky videoAdjust the sound volumeReduce elevator noiseChange the rate of the video clip or run it in reverseChoose native a huge selection that clip and also audio effects

Your project is saved as girlfriend work. When you are satisfied, walk to the jobs tab. Click the icon for your movie project and select Theatre indigenous the drop-down food selection that is under your movie icon. Wait when the application renders your movie.

Click the Theatre tab in ~ the optimal of the screen at any time to watch her movie in full-screen mode.

Note: This post was tested in iMovie 10.1.7, exit in September 2017. A mobile app for iMovie is accessible for iOS devices. 

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