Most people use PSP come play games. However, PSP is not just a video game system. Come make complete use of PSP, you deserve to play games, clock movie, videos, and also view photos etc.

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Some civilization might understand that PSP deserve to watch video clips and also supports UMD, MP4 (some version support avi.), however do not know how to put video clip to their PSP.

Putting video to PSP is no as simple as it sounds. But with the guide below, girlfriend will conveniently get to know just how to placed videos come PSP.


Step-by-step instruction on exactly how to put video to PSP

How To put Videos on PSP step 1

You need a good memory stick, depending what type of length of video clip you desire to watch. I encourage girlfriend to obtain a 512MB(or above) storage stick.


How come put video clip to PSP - first: gain memory stick

How To placed Videos on PSP step 2

connect your PSP to your computer, via USB cable. Make certain your PSP is rotate off when you carry out this.


how come put video clip to PSP - affix PSP to computer

How To placed Videos on PSP action 3

turn on your PSP, and go come the settings Menu. In this menu pick USB Connection and press X. Your computer should currently detect her psp together an extra "removable drive". Your computer will entrust a letter to this drive. Let"s call it X: for future reference.

How To placed Videos ~ above PSP step 4

walk to this removable drive with your home windows Explorer. There is a folder called PSP there. Create a new folder dubbed MP_ROOT at this level if the is not already created. (So you will have actually X:MP_ROOT).


How To placed Videos on PSP step 5

In the MP_ROOT folder us just produced (X:MP_ROOT), produce a folder called 100MNV01 if that is not currently present. Friend will acquire X:MP_ROOT100MNV01.

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How To put Videos ~ above PSP step 6

You room going to need to take the videos friend have, and convert them to mp4 style If they room not already in this format. Perform you know how to convert videos come MP4 format? please visit here.

How To put Videos on PSP action 7

Copy the mp4 documents to the folder us just produced on the memory stick (X:MP_ROOT100MNV01)

How To put Videos on PSP step 8

walk on her PSP. Go to Video. Select Memory Stick. And also You are now watching your video as wished!

How to transform videos come PSP MP4 file?

PSP video Converter switch videos come PSP MP4 document with simple steps. Follows the instruction, and you can convert video in miscellaneous formats, YouTube videos, DV video and DVD movie to PSP in 3 steps.

First, Download our regime PSP video Converter


Second, Click add video/open DVD to add video to PSP video Converter

PSP video clip Converter offers 4 output means for you.

If girlfriend convert video files native your difficult drive, pick "Add Video" in the menu. If you convert video files indigenous DVD drive, choose "Open DVD" in the menu. If you convert video from YouTube, Google, Nico video clip video website, select "YouTube". If friend convert video clip from DV recorder, choose "file-> Capture video clip from DV" in the document menu.

Third, click "profile" to set PSP MP4 as output format


Fourth, click "Encode" to begin encoding

After encoding, the converted record can be discovered at the output folder. Choose "File->Open output folder",you will certainly easily find the converted files.

What have the right to PSP video Converter carry out for you?

Why PSP video clip Converter is the ideal for your PSP?

transform YouTube, Google, Nico videos straight to PSP. Rip DVD video clip to PSP transform DV come PSP straight

With PSP video clip Converter, you can:

watch any video clip clips through your PSP ~ above the walk Share YouTube, Google, Nico videos in PSP gain DVD movies in PSP all over Record your DV in PSP, re-publishing it any time Make full use that PSP together a video clip player