If it"s a 3rd through fifth or saturday generation iPod nano, they can be synced indigenous iTunes. On other models, they deserve to be placed there as soon as the iPod is in disc mode yet not played straight on it.

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How perform I gain the video clip into my library? i didn"t buy it v ITUNES. Ns just have it on mine computer.

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Click below for information. It may need come be converted to MPEG-4 with a product such as MPEG Streamclip first.

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Hello, friend. Yes, you can include videos to your iPod Nano. If your video clip is currently in mp4 format, you deserve to drag and drop it right into iTunes library. Plugin your iPod come computer, iTunes will certainly detect the iPod automatically, then click iTunes food selection "File -> Sync iPod", the mp4 video clip will be transferred to your iPod. Otherwise, you have to transform the movie to iPod compatible mp4 video, and also this action by step overview will display you how to carry out that. This means works pretty well through my iPod Nano.

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YES!!! rather Easy!!