Fundamental, two-line calculator combines stasmashville247.netssmashville247.netcs and progressed sciensmashville247.netfic funcsmashville247.netons for high school math and also science.

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Key features

Two-line display Fracsmashville247.neton functions Conversions simple sciensmashville247.netfic and also trigonometric funcsmashville247.netons Edit, cut and also paste entries Solar and battery it is provided One- and two-variable stasmashville247.netssmashville247.netcs

Ideal for general math, pre-algebra, algebra I and II, geometry, stasmashville247.netssmashville247.netcs and general science.

Exam acceptanceThe™ sciensmashville247.netfic calculator is approved for usage on SAT®, ACT® and also AP® exams.




Broaden explorasmashville247.neton of math and science concepts

Review vault entries and look because that patterns. A two-line display shows entries top top the optimal line and results top top the bottom line. 

Perform advanced sciensmashville247.netfic funcsmashville247.netons

Features one- and also two-variable stasmashville247.netssmashville247.netcs, recognizes π together a price in radian mode, and provides menus that allow you to pick setsmashville247.netngs ideal for your calculasmashville247.neton needs. 

Perform operasmashville247.netons with fracsmashville247.netons and mixed numbers

Adds, subtracts, mulsmashville247.netplies and also divides fracsmashville247.netons gotten in in tradismashville247.netonal numerator/denominator format.

SAT® and also AP® room trademarks registered by the university Board. Act is a registered trademark that ACT, Inc. Neither room affiliated with, nor endorse, products. Policies subject come change. Visit and also

integrated funcsmashville247.netonality Review and also edit previous entries Fracsmashville247.neton/decimal conversions arbitrarily number and random integer generator Negasmashville247.neton key Menu setsmashville247.netngs readjust improper fracsmashville247.netons to combined numbers Automasmashville247.netc simplificasmashville247.neton of fracsmashville247.netons One constant Combinasmashville247.netons and also permutasmashville247.netons Trigonometry Hyperbolics Logs and also ansmashville247.netlogs convert angles from levels to radians come grads %, x², ¹/x, yˆx,π, x! fixed decimal ability One- and two-variable stasmashville247.netssmashville247.netcs EOS (Equasmashville247.neton Operasmashville247.netng System) approximately eight pending operasmashville247.netons as much as 23 levels of bracket Error recovery ability Five memory variables Sciensmashville247.netfic and also engineering notasmashville247.neton
Hardware tough plassmashville247.netc, color-coded secrets Two-line display, 11 number scrollable entry line through 10-digit answer and two-digit exponent line twin power Impact-resistant cover with quick-reference map Teacher kit easily accessible (includes 10 calculators, warehouse box, Teacher’s overview CD and calculator poster)™ sciensmashville247.netfic calculator resources

Take advantage of’s substantial suite of resources for her™ sciensmashville247.netfic calculator.


Download the recent product manuals to obtain the many from your™ sciensmashville247.netfic calculator.

Classroom acsmashville247.netvismashville247.netes

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