One of the an initial things that any type of beginning pianist learns to do, is to read music. Notes space the words the music offers to communicate with us, and also in order to be able to read the language that music, we require to learn what the notes room so we have the right to play them.

Here space some easy tips for finding out your notes together a start pianist along with a video that supplies some actual time practice on your note reading the will aid you enhance quickly!


This is what we call the cool Staff. You deserve to see that there are lines and spaces on the top part as well together the bottom part. An alert the 2 various signs within the lines and spaces? this are dubbed Clefs, and the height one is dubbed the Treble Clef, and the bottom one is dubbed the bass Clef.

There room notes in each line and an are in both the Treble and Bass Clefs. Let"s see what they are in the following step.


The Treble Clef consists of 5 lines and 4 spaces in it, and also each of these lines and spaces has a certain note that is located there.

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The note on the 4 spaces space F, A, C, & E.

The notes on the 5 lines space E, G, B, D, & F.

Say the keep in mind names top top the Spaces going indigenous the bottom come the height several times. Then carry out the very same thing v the notes on the Lines, again going indigenous the bottom to the top.

Now let"s look in ~ the notes in the bass Clef.


The bass Clef additionally contains 5 lines and also 4 spaces in it, and also each of these lines and spaces has a certain note that is situated there.

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The notes on the 4 spaces room A, C, E, & G.

The note on the 5 lines space G, B, D, F, & A.

Say the keep in mind names top top the Spaces going native the bottom to the top several times. Then carry out the exact same thing through the notes on the Lines, again going from the bottom to the top.

Now let"s check out what lock look choose together on the cool Staff.


Here you have all of the note on both the lines and spaces in each clef, for simple review. Take part time to review each note in every clef, and then shot to look at away and name all of your room notes in each clef or every one of your line notes in each clef.

Keep doing this each day till you deserve to name the note without feather at any type of hints.

**Remember to say in the start whether the keep in mind is top top a line or ~ above a space, as this will aid reinforce that info in your brain and her fingers when you play it on the piano.

** psychic also, to constantly learn her notes from the bottom heat or room to the height line or space in the clef the you space working in.

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Step 5: Ledger Lines


Ledger Lines are lines because that notes the occur external of the normal variety for the cool Staff. They room in both the Treble and Bass Clefs, and you won"t watch them on her sheet music unless the item requires you to play notes the are over or below the cool Staff.

One that the most typical notes that we all learn in the beginning, that is in reality on a ledger line, is center C. Take a look at where center C is ~ above the ledger currently in the following step.

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Step 6: The very first Ledger Line note - middle C

Middle C, is uncovered exactly where it claims it is - in the middle of the Treble and also Bass Clef.

Above middle C, heading up in the direction of the Treble Clef, the next note over it is D, and then friend land on your very first line note in Treble Clef, which is E. Remember your Treble Clef notes?

Below middle C, heading down in the direction of the bass Clef, the next note is B, and then you land on your peak line keep in mind for the bass Clef, i m sorry is A.

You will certainly encounter a lot more notes top top ledger lines as you development in your musical studies. All you have to remember to number out what note you"re looking at is uncover an "anchor" keep in mind - or the nearest keep in mind that you know what the name of it is, and also then counting up or under to number out the ledger line note.

See how easy that is to learn your notes?

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Step 7: are You prepared to practice Your note Reading with Me?

Come and learn keep in mind reading through me and go through the exercise exercises that i take you v to gain a great boost because that your keep in mind reading. You"ll additionally find additional tips and also practice concepts to aid you along.

Getting a good firm structure in note reading together a beginning pianist will certainly make for a fun and also fast journey towards getting to your desires of play the piano.

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hi teacher, I have a question. I can play melodica. Have the right to I play the songs ns play through melodica with the piano. Because that example, deserve to I beat the piano utilizing the note melodika top top this site? many thanks for her follow-up.