® Pens space made to be a simple, reliable, high-quality product. However there may be a little more to them than you think. Read on becasmashville247.nete that answers to your questions, or the questions you never thought come ask.

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Frequently inquiry Questions around® Stationery

From jsmashville247.nett how long a® Pen lasts come why there’s a tiny hole in the barrel of a® Cristal® pen, right here are the answers to the inquiries we’re asked many often.

Where deserve to I acquisition® stationery products?® stationery commodities are offered by a variety of outlets such together mass merchandisers, grocery store stores, pharmacies, office superstores, everyone clubs, and online. We additionally wanted come let you know that® assets are easily accessible to purchase straight from at

Can I purchase individual colors of Marking® irreversible Markers?

You deserve to purchase separation, personal, instance colors that the Marking® long-term Markers at

What tips perform you have for removing ballpoint pen ink? Roller, gel, or highlighter ink? dried erase ink?

Writing tool ink is draft to create on file or other writing surfaces. That contains certain ingredients that could stain certain varieties of materials and also fabrics. Although we cannot guarantee or be responsible for any stain remove method, would suggest you try the adhering to methods:

For Ballpoint and Marker inks, we recommend one alcohol-based hair spray. The alcohol contents in the hair spray will certainly break increase the ink. If the is ~ above clothing, saturation the item with hair spray. Be sure to place an absorbent file towel or rag under the stain to catch the excess ink. Girlfriend then should blot the stain v a rag. Repeat this process until the stain is removed, then launder as smashville247.netual.

If the is top top anything other than clothing, spray the hair spray straight on the stain and also then wipe off with a clean document towel or rag. You could need to do this a couple of times depending upon the size of the stain.

For Roller and Highlighter inks, recommend an all-purpose cleaner instead of hair spray, as these inks are water-based.

If the is ~ above clothing, saturation the item with the all-purpose cleaner. Be sure to location an absorbent document towel or rag under the stain to record the overabundance ink. Girlfriend then msmashville247.nett blot the stain through a rag. Repeat this procedure until the stain is removed, climate launder together smashville247.netual.

If the squid is top top anything other than clothing, spray the all-purpose cleaner directly on the stain and then wipe off through a clean file towel or rag. You can need to carry out this a few times depending upon the size of the stain.

An essential word of caution before trying any kind of of the methods suggested: some surfaces and fabrics may be damaged by the hair spray solution or all-purpose cleaners. If in doubt, test on a "hidden" area first and follow the manufacturer"s directions.

Dry Erase squid - deserve to be wiped turn off dry wipe surfaces through a clean file towel or rag. If the ink is ~ above clothing, pre-wash the items as soon as feasible and climate launder as smashville247.netual.

For all Inks - If the steps above do not eliminate the stain completely, we suggest contacting a experienced cleaning company or the manufacturer that the stained item. Lock may have other proposal or have the ability to professionally remove it becasmashville247.nete that you.

Do girlfriend have any advice on exactly how I can remove® Wite-Out® Brand correction liquid stains or pour out on clothing, furniture, etc.?

Correction products are designed to cover writing instrument ink, pencil, typewriter, fax and also photocopy corrections. Lock contain specific ingredients that can stain certain types of materials and also fabrics. Although cannot insurance or it is in responsible for any type of stain remove method, we would suggest you try the following methods:

After the Wite-Out®Brand correction fluid dries, scratch most of the spill off through your fingernail or the leaf of a coin. Wite-Out® Brand convey fluids can be gotten rid of from your hands through an abrasive soap or a soap containing pumice.

Wite-Out® Brand Water-Base convey fluids space water-based and should come out v soap and water in the washing machine. If you like to walk to the dry cleaner, phone call them that is a water-based paint.

The following Wite-Out® Brand correction fluid formulas are petroleum-based: fast Dry, Extra Coverage, Cover-it®, Wite Out® 2-in-1, and also the Wite-Out® Brand shower ‘n SqueezeTM mediate pen. Mineral soul or cleaners will certainly dissolve these correction fluids. If you have spilled one of these formulas on garments that is "dry clean only," tell the dried cleaner that it is a solvent-based repaint so they can treat the stain accordingly.

A word of caution before trying any kind of of the techniques suggested: mineral spirits have the right to take out color and/or destroy varnish. If in doubt, test on a "hidden" area first. If you decision to try a cleaner, please follow the manufacturer"s direction on the label very closely and likewise test top top a "hidden" area.

If this does not eliminate the stain completely, we imply contacting a experienced cleaning company or the manufacturer of the stained item. Lock may have actually other proposal or have the ability to professionally remove it becasmashville247.nete that you.

Is there natural rubber latex in® creating instruments?

To the ideal of our knowledge, every composing instruments, correction fluids, lighters, and razors offered in the U.S. And Canada are totally free from herbal rubber. This is based upon our suppliers" confirmation and also not on experimentation that we have actually done.

Are® stationery commodities environmentally friendly?

Learn about our appointment to minimize our ecological footprint at

Can I acquisition erasers becasmashville247.nete that® mechanically Pencils separately?

All rechargeable® mechanical Pencils are packaged through extra eraser and also lead refills. We perform not offer additional eraser refills in ~ the present time.

Why is there a hole in the cap of® Cristal® Pens?

Our vented caps comply with worldwide safety standards ISO11540. These requirements attempt to minimization the threat to children from inadvertently inhalation of pen caps. Traditionally the pen lid served jsmashville247.nett to safeguard the pen point. These vented caps allow much more air come circulate approximately the pen suggest when the pen is capped. This additional adds come the quality and also overall power of the pen.

Do you have any type of coupons available?

We market coupons at times throughout the year. When available, they have the right to be found in many Sunday newspapers. Coupons space also obtainable from time to time ~ above our on facebook pages and our Coupons and also Deals Page.

Do you do® Wite-Out® Brand correction fluid in colors other than white? Wite-Out® Brand rapid Dry Correction liquid is accessible in buff. We smashville247.neted to offer several other colors but they to be discontinued an ext than 10 year ago.

Can I acquisition® stickers?

We do not have actually stickers or other items through the logo obtainable to send the end or purchase.

Do friend have any kind of sample products available?

We are sorry, but at the current time we perform not send the end samples.

How carry out I refill a® mechanically Pencil?

To refill a mechanically pencil you re welcome follow these steps: (1) remove the eraser, (2) insert new leads, (3) replace eraser & (4) click eraser come advance new lead.

Can I purchase component parts of® pen or other stationery products?

We perform not sell component parts to any kind of of ours products. We only sell the finished goods.

Are the inks in® stationery assets acid-free?

Ink formulations vary, however, part squid contain specific chemicals which are smashville247.neted to readjsmashville247.nett and manage the pH that the ink.

How do you refill the lead in the® 4-Color Pen with Pencil?

To refill the lead, follow these steps: (1) unscrew the barrel of the pen to disclose the ink/lead cartridges, (2) eliminate the metal piece ~ above the command tube, (3) insert command (no more than 2 pieces of lead) & (4) re-assemble the pen.

Can I acquisition refills for your pens and pencils?

Yes. You deserve to purchase refills directly at

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Do you do a thinner for® Wite-Out® Brand convey Fluid?

We carry out not to produce a diluent for our Wite-Out® Brand correction Fluid. The shelf life is dependence on plenty of factors consisting of temperature, warehosmashville247.nete conditions, the variety of times the cap is removed, jsmashville247.nett how long the cap stays off the product and also if the lid is placed earlier on securely ~ smashville247.nete. Under normal storage and also smashville247.nete conditions, the shelf life of ours correction fluids is approximately 18-24 months.