Deion asked: exactly how do I gain yellow stains off of Air force One’s? I used bleach on mine sister’s Air force One’s, and they turn yellow. Just how do I obtain the stain off?


includes a yellow dye that have the right to be moved to white surfaces. To remove the stain, it requires removing the undesirable dye. There space several ways to achieve this. Monitor the indict below. If your shoes space not white or off-white, they are stained from the bleach itself, no the dye in bleach. For those stains, use the guide How to eliminate Bleach Stains native Fabrics.

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You will certainly Need:

Isopropyl alcoholHydrogen peroxideRIT Dye RemoverSoft cloths or spongesWaterCotton balls

Steps to remove the Yellowed Stain:

Moisten a sponge or noodle balls v alcohol.Rub the sponge end the stained area. Use a tiny circular motion.If the stains are very yellow, the may aid to leaving the alcoholto set for a couple of minutes before wiping that away.Rinse the sponge thoroughly and also wipe the area with level water to eliminate the alcohol.Allow the item to dry completely.If the stain remains, moisten a soft fabric with hydrogen peroxide and also rub it end the area. If the stain is severe, pour a tiny amount of peroxide ~ above the stain and permit it to set for several minutes. The peroxide acts together a mild bleach and can bleach the stains earlier to white.Rinse again v water and a clean towel and enable to them to dry.If the stain is persistent, it might require more powerful chemicals. Mix the RIT Dye Remover through a tiny amount the water to form a paste.Spread the paste over the stained area.Allow the to set for several minutes, longer if the stain is really yellow.Wipe away with a clean cloth and rinse with level water.

Additional Tips and Ideas:

All that the products over are design to remove colors.

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It is wise to always test a small, hidden area very first (such as under the shoe tongue) to ensure that it will create the desired results before exposing the entire shoe to the chemicals.If cleaning marks and dirt from shoes, try a gentle detergent mixed with water before adding a harsh cleaner such as bleach.Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are terrific for removed dirt and stains from all kinds the surfaces and also will clean shoes as well.If the yellow stain cannot be removed, a white shoe polish deserve to be used over it come hide the discoloration.