I have a very thin layer and also some thicker blotchy point out on some steps and also was curious how or what I could use to eliminate it?



I would first try a plastic scraping tool to check out if you can physically remove it.

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This page, under the FAQ tab indigenous the Gorilla Glue site states:

Wipe off excess glue instantly with a dry cloth or standard repaint thinner. Carry out not drag glue over material, rather make small swipes to remove wet adhesive. Make certain you avoid skin contact. Cured glue deserve to be eliminated with a chisel, scraper or sandpaper.

I"m not hopeful if a solvent would certainly work, but prior to you try a solvent, check it on one inconspicuous spot of her floor come ensure the doesn"t damage the timber finish. Shot denatured alcohol, mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, etc.

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I checked v the Gorilla adhesive website, and the only solvent for this adhesive is acetone. Be cautious using acetone together it will certainly strip many clear furniture finishes. The website additionally said that it might be important to allow the acetone come soak right into the glue because that awhile come soften it. Good luck!


I was utilizing Gorilla Super glue on a animal leather strap and it coincidentally flopped top top the top of a MacBook Pro surface ar (the smooth metallic surface I think is aluminum).Right away ns gently rubbed it v a tissue through nail polish remover on the (acetone).I clean best up.

I used Solvo-Plast 11 ( made in Canada) an adhesive remover and WoW, that cleaned my chaos up yes, really well. I had actually put the gorilla adhesive on the inside of mine Moms handle for her walker since they to be sliding off, the expanded and also came out the opening and also dripped everywhere the place. Worked lickety split and even off my hands, although i didn"t really have much top top them for this reason can"t really say if it would certainly unstick you from something, and also I"m no going to test my theory.

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