Jo-Anne asked: How carry out I remove drops of super adhesive from a wooden table? I have actually a pair of drops of super glue on a maple wooden coffee table. Just how do I get them off?


that will eliminate superglue will also remove the finish that is ~ above the wooden table. It is ideal to leave this removal job to a professional, yet if you desire to tackle it yourself, below are some approaches you deserve to try. Save in mind that you may need to refinish the area wherein the adhesive was.

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Acetone Method

You will certainly Need:

Acetone or Superglue RemoverCotton swabsSoft cloths

Steps to eliminate the Glue:

Moisten a noodle swab v acetone. There are also superglue removers obtainable at hardware and also home development stores. These commodities can be supplied as well.Apply the acetone or adhesive remover only to the glue. Be an extremely careful no to get it top top the surrounding wood areas. Use a noodle swab or tiny paint brush.Allow the to set on the glue because that a minute.Blot the area through a soft cloth.Repeat till the adhesive is removed.If friend are accurate with the noodle swabs, the areas that must be refinished will be small (only the locations where the glue was).

Sanding Method

You will Need:

Masking tape600 grit wet dried sandpaperHard, level sanding block1200 grit sandpaperFurniture polish and also rubbing link (for high gloss finishes)0000 stole wool and lemon oil (for satin or dull finishes)Soft cloths

Steps to eliminate the Glue:

This technique uses sandpaper to eliminate the glue. Once removed, you will must repair any damage to the surface.If the area is small, girlfriend can safeguard the surrounding areas with a mask. Use masking tape about the glued areas.Starting v 600 grit document on a sand block, sand the glue down until it is level.To eliminate the last layer that glue, switch to 1200 grit sandpaper and carefully sand far the glue.If the finish is high gloss, use a rubbing compound and high quality polish to regain the shine to the area.If the area has a satin or dull finish, placed some lemon oil ~ above the 0000 stole wool and rub that onto the wood keeping with the direction that the grain.Wipe the surface with a soft cloth to eliminate the continuing to be oil.Finish off v a top quality polish.

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Additional Tips and Advice

If the adhesive area is small, it might be less evident just to leaving it alone. Due to the fact that the glue dries clear it can conveniently be spanned with decorations.If the wood surface is unfinished, girlfriend will be able to remove the glue through acetone or super adhesive remover without worry around damaging the surface.All that the above items deserve to usually be discovered at a hardware store, and online.One site user reported having success making use of a window scraper tongue to remove the glue.