My trusty Ironman Triathlon began getting dim on me about a week ago and then it was exhilaration strangely–finally that went empty on me. Time for another repair.

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How to change Battery top top Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch


Tools Needed

Parts Needed

Step 1: Unscrew the four phillips screws ~ above the back of the watch.

I have actually a set of precision screwdrivers choose the collection I have attached in the “Tools Needed” section and also the the smallest phillips screwdriver functions fine. The screws are little so make sure to collection them aside wherein you space not going to loosened them.

Unscrew the Four back Screws
Timex Ironman Triathlon-Four earlier Screws Loosened

Step 2: remove the back.

There are springs the press on the back for the piezoelectric speaker so the back will desire to come off. I offered a tiny flat screw driver and also gently nudged increase on the edge and the earlier popped up.

Gently Prying turn off the Back

Step 3: eliminate the battery covering screw and lift turn off the battery cover.

There is one screw that holds a steel shield under over the battery. Eliminate that screw:

How to change Timex Ironman Triathlon Batteries-Battery cover Screw

The battery covering tucks in top top the optimal edge so lift native the bottom next (the finish where you eliminated the screw). The battery cover will stick come the battery since of the red sticker and also when friend lift increase the battery cover the battery will certainly lift out as well. You carry out not desire to eliminate the clock internals or you will certainly make the project more challenging (like ns did). Peal the battery cover turn off the battery and also you will have actually something that looks like this (pardon the slightly out-of-focus image):

How to change Timex Ironman Triathlon Batteries-Old Battery and Battery Cover

Step 4: Insert a brand-new battery right into the watch.

Lay the battery v the button end down choose this through the optimistic (+) side up:

New Battery Inserted

Step 5: Reinstall the battery cover.

Start by hooking the height of the battery cover in that is slot and then lay the battery cover down, centering it over the battery and lining up the hole whereby the screw will certainly be inserted:

Inserting Battery Door tab right into Slot

Then reinstall the battery door screw:

Reinstalling the battery door screw

Step 6: Reinstall the waterproofing gasket

Chances are, the rubber gasket that keeps water the end of the watch will certainly jump out of that is channel once you take it the back off. I totally removed the gasket and also cleaned any kind of debris turn off of it:

Waterproofing gasket removed

Insert the gasket ago into its channel as watched below:

Back Gasket Reinstalled in Channel

Step 7: Reinstall the back

With the height of the clock at the top, reinstall the ago so the lettering imprinted in the back of the clock is right-side up:

Reinstalling the Back

Reinstall the 4 screws. I organized the back on tightly together I screwed lock in:

Squeezing the ago on Tightly while Reinstalling the 4 ago Screws

Step 8: collection the Time

The on-screen instructions space pretty great compared to digital watches of yesteryear. Use the START/SPLIT switch to rise the number, usage the STOP/RESET button to to decrease the number, use the MODE switch to development to the next setup and the SET/RECALL button for Done.

Setting the Time

The Date, Day, and also time space set:

Time Set


If buttons don’t work

The an initial time ns reassembled the watch the STOP/RESET button didn’t work. I had to take it apart and also in doing so i realized that the entire watch insides were not fairly lined up through the buttons. Make sure the metal tab in ~ the right and also the left are not tucked under and also make certain the buttons line up v the arched component of the feather arms as suggested in the picture below:

Lining increase the Insides

There are two buttons on every side that needs to heat up with the curved metal spring piece and one steel tab that must be on top.

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