Installation, Repair and Replacement of john Deere Scotts 1642H Hydro drive Belt

Left-hand and also right-hand are referenced from the allude of watch of the tractor operator.The level backside of the belt rides on flat idlers; the inside vee rides in v-idlers and pulleys. These man Deere assets use belt component number GX10851 which is 95.87" long, 0.5" wide, HA section, 0.31 thick, 32 deg., KEVLAR

#1. Overall view

Overall view of the drive belt layout (#1). The engine pulley-block is off to the right and also the transmission sheave is to the left.

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#2. Disconnect tie rod

The tie pole (#2, yellow) need to be disconnected and also the parking brake latch manage (#2, blue) need to be eliminated to change the belt. The latch feather extends indigenous a hole in the latch rod (#2, white) come a bracket simply forward of the level idler. The belt have the right to now be looped end the brake latch rod and also around the steering pillar (#2, green).

#3. Engine pulley

Remove the belt overview from the engine ridge pulley and bring the belt about the upper wheel (#3).

#4. Infection pulley

Remove the behind v-idler and loop the belt roughly the infection pulley. Position the belt in the v-idler and re-install that (#4).

#5. Idler stress spring

Unhook the front end of the idler tensioning spring from the frame (#5, white) just forward the the steering column (#5, yellow).

#6. Tensioning idlers

Route the belt about the tensioning idlers (#6) and re-hook the feather to the frame. The back end that the feather hooks right into a notch top top the idler arm (#6, blue). The back end the the brake latch spring hooks to the framework at #6, green.

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#7. Deere Scotts 1642H diagram

Deere Scotts 1642H chart (#7). The engine stack wheel is in ~ the right; transmission pulley-block at left.