Adjust the comparison as it may be set too low.

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To readjust the contrast, alternately press and release the ideal function an essential and contrast-control key.TI-83/84 add to or TI-85/86 role key: <2nd> key Contrast-control keys: up and down cursor secrets TI-89/92 or TI-89 role key: diamond key Contrast-control keys: <+> or <-> keys TI-Nspire duty key: keyContrast-control keys: <+> or <-> secrets shot recharging and/or instead of the battery (including the back-up battery.)

Additional tips for grayscale TI-83/84 plus calculators:

Note: These steps will cause the calculator come reset and lose its memory.

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Remove one of the AAA batteries. Then, hold down the DEL key while reinserting the AAA battery. The handheld can display “Waiting…Please download calculator software now”. If you acquire this message, the information in the “Correcting the Error: Waiting” ar shown below will aid you exactly the problem. Prior to trying the procedure, reinstall one of the AAA battery again. This time carry out not organize down the DEL key.Remove among the AAA batteries, press and also hold the an essential for 10 seconds, release, change the battery, then rotate the unit on. Change the contrast. Remove the AAA battery for 3 hours. ~ the 3 hour period, reinsert the batteries and also turn the handheld on. Adjust the contrast if necessary.

Correcting the Error: waiting

“Correcting the Error: Waiting…Please install Calculator Software currently (TI-83/84 add to only)”This message means that the operating system has been corrupted. The adhering to steps will allow you to upgrade the OS.


Connect two of the same calculators making use of the calculator-to-calculator cable that came with the calculator. on the calculator that has actually an up-to-date operating System, choose <2nd> Link. select “Send OS” alternative from the attach menu. Make sure that the various other unit tho reads “Waiting you re welcome Install”, then push . The OS need to be downloading.

From a Computer

Make sure you have the latest version of the TI connect Software.From TI’s website, download the latest version of OS for your calculator to the desktop of the computer.Connect the TI Connectivity cable between the PC and also calculator (this cable to be not included with TI-83 to add calculators).The calculator will immediately turn on once the TI Connectivity Cable is inserted.On your computer, drag and also drop the OS paper on the TI affix icon come initiate the document transfer.