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If you used Manage task to delete a post: walk to profile page > More > Activity Log > Trash. Insanity a article to recuperate it and tap Restore.To publication your on facebook account deletion: log in in to your account within 30 days and select Cancel Deletion.If it to be a shared post created by someone else: shot to track down the original content or examine your email for facebook notifications.

This post explains some tactics for recovering deleted on facebook posts, also though deleting facebook content gets rid of it from her device, app, and also the facebook servers.

usage Facebook's Manage task Feature

When you use the on facebook mobile app's Manage task feature to delete a post, you deserve to retrieve it for as much as 30 days. This won't work if you delete a article directly from her newsfeed, however. This usability is currently available only on the on facebook mobile app.


If you're convert to a brand-new device, facebook posts, media, or messages will automatically be accessible once girlfriend download the Facebook application on your new device and log in in.

release Your facebook Account Deletion

If girlfriend delete your entire Facebook account, you've also deleted every one of your facebook posts and also media. If you adjust your mind and want come salvage your content, you have actually 30 days come undo the deletion process.

To cancel, log in in come your on facebook account via the mobile app or a web web browser within 30 days of initiation, and also then pick Cancel Deletion.

methods for Finding deleted Facebook write-ups

If your deleted articles are gone and also unrecoverable via Facebook, below are part workaround methods to try:

find the original write-up

If girlfriend shared and also then turned off a funny or interesting article someone else created, shot tracking under the original content. Usage Facebook"s search function or try a Google search using keywords indigenous the post"s text or the location of the web page connected to in the initial post.

inspect your emails

If you enabled email notifications for certain Facebook posts, friend may have a copy the the short article you"re trying to find in an email in her inbox. If you deserve to remember several of the specific text native the post, try an inbox search. Otherwise, execute a find for the word "Facebook."

check your friends' emails

Some that your on facebook friends through email notifications enabled may have received notifications referencing your post, particularly if they're mentioned or tagged. Ask your friends to find their inbox because that the deleted post you're spring for.

just how to uncover Deleted facebook Messenger articles

Whether you"ve deleted an individual blog post or whole conversation thread in facebook Messenger, the contents deletion is permanent and can"t be undone.

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However, while you may have actually deleted her side of the conversation, it might still exist for various other conversation participants. Ask lock to find for the conversation and also then copy and paste the text and also images right into a brand-new message or email. Or, asking them to send you a screenshot picture of the chat"s contents.