The four official languages in Singapore are Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and also English. English is the business language and also the various other three languages correspond with the major ethnic groups existing in Singapore.

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Learning greetings in the country language walk a long method to breaking the ice through Singaporeans. You can say “hello” in Mandarin – Ni Hao, in Indian – Namaste and also in Malay, the greeting is based on the time of work – Selamat Pagi for good morning, Selamat Tengah Hari for good afternoon and also Selamat Malam for an excellent night.

There is additionally a local lingo, Singlish, that is an extremely commonly supplied by Singaporeans which shows the multicultural society. Singlish is a mixture the English, Mandarin, Tamil, Malay and other Chinese dialects like Hokkein, Cantonese and Teochew.

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You will certainly hear Singlish being spoken at the workplace, in ~ home and also even in ~ school and also it will aid to recognize the an interpretation of some generally used Singlish words and phrases :

Chope – to reserve, normally by placing a organization packet top top tables in hawker centres as casual reservation

Makan – come eat, a Malay word that is likewise commonly provided in Singlish

Kiasu – to define a person who is afraid to shed in competitive-type settings

Blur – to define a human being who is perplexed or slow-moving to capture on

Shiok – delightful, used to explain anything that provides extreme pleasure, specifically food

Sian – to define being bored, or fed up

Kena – affected by, obtained hit by. This word has a an unfavorable connotation, and is usually provided when one is complaining around something that happened to them

Angmoh – translates to “red hair” in the Hokkein dialect. This ax is normally used to describe Caucasians of west descent

Alamak – five my gosh! when a human being is shocked or surprised!

Pai-seh – this term originates from the Hokkien language and way embarrassed or shy

Corright – this Singlish word combine the English words correct and right. It have the right to be identified as righter than ideal – emphasizing how really correct !

On The round – the phrase is used to describe a hardworking, enthusiastic person

Lobang – is a Malay word for “hole”, alternate an interpretation “opportunity”. Comparable word in Hokkein is “Kang Tow”

Karung Guni – Malay word because that gunny sack, alternate an interpretation “rag and also bone man”

In the old days, the rag and also bone male used gunny sacks to collection the provided newspapers. Because they seldom use gunny sacks nowadays, the term karung guni is used to explain the rag and bone males instead. Karung guni men today, journey a van, equipped through a horn (buy newspapers and also old clothes, radios and also televisions). The occupants will receive small amounts that payment in return the their unwanted old items.