What’s happening? We are discontinuing our existing voicemail system and also switching to a brand-new voicemail system that contains the latest an innovation and enables us to administer you through uninterrupted service. To accomplish this transition with no impact to you, please set up your brand-new voicemail as quickly as feasible after the update has actually taken place.

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30 job after her voicemail has actually been updated, your previously saved voicemail messages will certainly be immediately deleted. Because that tips on exactly how to document a saved voicemail, please see the "How come retain conserved messages" section.

How will certainly I know when to set up my voicemail? roughly two weeks before this change, each line influenced will get a text message alerting you to the comes change. After your update has been completed, you will certainly receive an additional text blog post advising you to reset your voicemail.

AppleAfter you have been updated, please follow these straightforward steps to collection up her Voicemail box.Open your Voicemail App.On the Voicemail main menu and also click top top the set Up button.Type in your new password† twice and click done after every time. The password will certainly be autosaved ~ the second time.You will be transitioned come the Greetings menu. The default traditional greeting will be auto selected. If you wish to keep the standard greeting, click Save and also move to action 6. If you great to document your own personal greeting, click Custom and also move to step 5.Click document to record your personal greeting. After ~ you room done record click Stop. Click on Play to hear to the recording. As soon as you room satisfied through your personal greeting, click Save.You will currently see all your visual voicemail messages.

AndroidAfter you have been updated, you re welcome follow these simple steps to collection up your Voicemail box.

accessibility your Voicemail box by dialing "*86", your 10-digit number or lengthy press "1". Follow these prompts to collection up her Voicemail box: choose English or Spanish as your language preference set your 4-15 digit password† record your name document or choose your greeting her Voicemail box is currently ready to use.

For much more detailed step-by-step instructions, click here

† selecting a for sure password: To protect your privacy, the Voicemail mechanism doesn’t enable “easy-to-guess” passwords, including 4 or more repeating digits (3333), 4 or much more consecutive number (123456), or pair even or weird numbers with each other (2468 or 1357). Your an option of a distinctive password will be critical step in protecting your Voicemail messages.

AppleAfter the update, all your formerly saved voicemails will certainly still be easily accessible within Apple visual Voicemail.

AndroidAfter the update, you might still access your previously saved messages because that 30 days.† Press choice 4 indigenous the new main menu, then push "*" to interrupt her previous greeting.

† note that friend will require your old voicemail pen to accessibility these saved voicemails.

If you right now have conserved voicemails and wish to maintain them, you re welcome follow the references below. Us recommend taking activity to retain any saved voicemails as at an early stage as possible, even before your voicemail has been updated.

AppleIf you have an apologize device, every your conserved voicemails will certainly be retained. After resetting your voicemail complying with the procedures above, you will gain access to her visual voicemails.

AndroidThere room several free apps top top the Google Play save that will permit you to record and also save her voicemails. We recommend: Automatic speak to Recorder arisen by Appliquato.

Download and launch the app.Dial into your voicemail device and access the old voicemails.Listen to the old saved voicemail.NOTE: If you space doing this after your voicemail update, you will need to follow the steps here to access your voicemail.Close the end of the voicemail app and the voicemail have to be recorded.You can then pick to email or message the voicemail come yourself.Important: The app will instantly record her calls as soon as you are using the app. Us recommend uninstalling the app after you room finished making use of it come retain any type of saved voicemails.

There room some distinctions in the menu prompts for the new voicemail system. For example: on the old voicemail system, 7 is delete and also save is 9. ~ above the brand-new system, 3 is delete and save is 2. Please view the enclosed voicemail navigation map to familiarize yourself with the brand-new system.

If you room a Voicemail-To-Text subscriber, girlfriend will note some changes after the voicemail update. The core functionality of text transcriptions native Voicemail-To-Text will certainly continue; however, the organization was affected in the following ways:E-mail shipment of voice messages is no much longer availableAs home phones cannot get text messages and e-mail shipment is no longer available as a voicemail delivery option, voicemail to message is no longer available for smashville247.net home phones.The shortcut function which provides a password in the text blog post to hear to the voicemail article is no much longer available.Long text transcriptions will now be merged into one message message rather of splitting up right into multiple messages.An audio paper of her voicemail will be attached to the message message.

If you have actually an Apple device with Apple visual voicemail, every one of your conserved voicemails will certainly be retained. ~ the voicemail update, reset her voicemail to gain access to her visual voicemails.

If you had actually a voicemail distribution list set up, girlfriend will need to reset this again. Please follow the accuse below. Accessibility your Voicemail box by dialing "*86" on her wireless phone, long pressing "1", or dialing her Voicemail crate number.

On the main menu, press #3 because that Settings and Features.Press #6 for distribution Group List.Your distribution Group List alternatives are:Press #1 to create Distribution ListPress #2 to Edit distribution ListPress #4 come Review circulation List

Dial your 10-digit call number then press "*" to interrupt the greeting.

Note: If you try to access an uninitialized Voicemail crate from a land-line (or any type of other alternative handset), you will not it is in successful. Access will just be obtained if the Voicemail box has been initialized making use of your moving handset. Also, callers won’t have the ability to leave girlfriend a voicemail blog post until your voicemail box is initialized.

No, as soon as a blog post is deleted, over there is no way to recoup it as soon as you cave up and end your existing voicemail session.

If you have not finished your present voicemail session, you deserve to take the complying with steps to recuperate your deleted message:

From the Voicemail main Menu, push “6” to access the “Review deleted Messages” option

have the right to I usage a traditional greeting where the voicemail greeting is mine phone number as opposed to play a personalized greeting or my an initial and critical name? +

Yes, friend can select to have actually the voicemail mechanism speak her number as opposed to having actually to document your name.

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During Initialization:

After choosing your language preference and setting up her password, you will be presented v the option to setup or skip her Voice Signature.At this Voice Signature prompt, if you choose to skip the voice signature, the system will default come the standard greeting wherein your call number is spoken as her greeting Note: throughout the last step of initialization, select an individual Greeting, friend should select the option of “skip” (vs. The option of “setup” to keep the conventional greeting

Any other time:

Access her Voicemail box, go into your password (if applicable), and also go to the main MenuFrom the Voicemail main Menu, press alternative “2” to access the “Greeting” menu and press alternative “1” to upgrade your personal greeting preference.

Access her Voicemail box by dialing *86
on her wireless phone, or lengthy pressing 1, or dialing your voicemail crate numberEnter your PIN numberYou are now taken to her mailbox. If you have voicemails in your voicemail box, castle will begin playing automatically, otherwise you will certainly be in the main menu.Press 3 for settingsPress 7 because that languagePress 1 to adjust to English

Yes, girlfriend can adjust your password v the following steps in the voicemail menu:

From your Voicemail main Menu, press option “3” to access the “Settings and also Features” option; and, then press alternative “3” to accessibility the “Change Password” option. You will certainly then hear the standing of her password together “Protected or Unprotected” . You will certainly hear an option to unprotect/protect the mailbox depending upon the existing statusYou will then hear an choice for changing your password

Your old password (PIN) is the one that you utilized to access your voicemail box before the voicemail update. Your new password (PIN) is the one the you set up once you initialized your voicemail crate after the voicemail update. As you had actually the alternative of using the exact same password as soon as you collection up your brand-new voicemail box, this password might be the very same for both.
ns can’t remember my old password (PIN) to accessibility my formerly saved voicemails, how do ns reset the password? +
As component of our voicemail update, the preference of email delivery for the voicemail come text organization was eliminated and no longer available. The shipment preference of text messages remains as the sole delivery option for this service.
No, as part of ours voicemail update, voicemail to message is no longer available for U.S. Cellular home phones since email delivery is no much longer a voicemail distribution option.
my SMS transcription offered to incorporate a brief code that would take me directly to the voicemail ns was analysis in my text. Now, the link in the text message no much longer appears and I need to listen to my voicemails to uncover the one from mine SMS transcription. What happened? +
As component of our voicemail update, the option of receiving a attach in the text post is no much longer available. Us will now send girlfriend an audio file of her transcribed voicemail therefore you deserve to listen to it at her convenience.