We’ve all got at least one pair of jeans that we absolutely love, but our hearts room torn because they’ve extended out and become too baggy. Ns personally uncover that this happens all the moment with cheaper jeans, favor the ones friend buy from ASOS, Topshop, flow Island etc, lock fit to begin with and then stretch out and also get saggy ~ a couple of wears. Yet what have the right to you perform to shrink your blue jeans or prevent this happening? You’ve more than likely looked online for advice and also upon spring to view what tips everyone else is giving, i was shocked through the reality that everyone says to simply boil or warm wash them and also they will shrink. Allow me describe a few tips and tricks about this and why it fully depends ~ above the jeans, the large in the denim, and also why this is no safe for all of them.

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Is it safe to warm wash and also boil blue jeans to shrink them?

The short answer is yes and also no, relying on the fabric of the jeans.

Cotton itself can tolerate really high heat, meaning if her jeans room 100% cotton and also have end up being too baggy, placing them on a hot wash and then tumble drying them on high heat too will absolutely shrink them, with next to no damage to the jeans.Man do stretch fabrics prefer lycra, elastane and also other stretch products are damaged through heat, i beg your pardon is why you must never wash spandex and also stretch structure on high heat. The fibers acquire broken and also worn down, damaging the elasticity. Never put jeans through this kind of content on a hot wash or a warm tumble dried – girlfriend can damage the stretch and also cause them to come to be even much more baggy.Polyester is another material which have the right to be tricky where warm is concerned. Polyester itself will certainly shrink in a warmer heat, however due to the fact that it’s a type of plastic, if that gets too hot, it will certainly melt the fibers. So again, be very careful when washing and drying polyester blend jeans on high heat. Make sure it’s not boiling, therefore be conscious of the temperatures.


Can the heat damage the colour of the jeans?

Yes, it can! A lot of of designers recommend the you wash blue jeans on a cool wash and also if you execute tumble dry fairly than waiting dry, carry out it top top a low heat setting. The hot the water, the much more the dye in denim fades. Therefore if her jeans are black or dark indigo blue, you have the right to expect to shed a many colour if you hot wash them. You can buy color sealants or wash through vinegar substances to lock in the colour, i beg your pardon is way to execute if they are 100% cotton and you have to wash lock on a high heat. If they space light blue in colour anyway, it no matter because there’s not really anything come fade.

Are there blue jeans that never ever stretch out?

Yes! over there are! save up and also buy a premium pair with the correct stretch. I understand premium jeans have the right to be really expensive, but shot and execute your research. There space brands the end there the make blue jeans which room designed to never ever stretch out, and this is true!

Remember – never ever wash any type of of these on high heat!


If ns cant bought them, how have the right to I avoid jeans stretching out?

It’s a good question! There space a couple of tips and also tricks that I’ve learned along the way, and it yes, really helps me as I dislike the dreaded butt and also thigh sag!

Try to stop doing any over enthusiastic stretches or squats etc. In your jeans. The more the jeans are stretched and also pulled, the more they will loosen up.Try not to acquire them wet as soon as you’re put on them. You could remember from my ‘how to stretch jeans’ blog write-up that water acts as a loosener and also once jeans space wet, lock stretch.

What can I do now they’ve stretched and I can’t warm wash them?

If your jeans are complete of elasticity i m sorry will get damaged ~ above high heat, unfortunately there’s naught quick and easy you can do come shrink them fast. You can possibly try washing them on warm and also drying on warmth (not hot) and it can shrink castle a tiny bit, but do it is in careful. Other options are:

Wear leggings underneath – If it’s winter, this can work well. Attract leggings underneath will make your jeans fit tighter together there’s less gap in between the denim and your legs. They bulk them the end well. Simply make sure your leggings room cotton so her skin can breathe.Rock the bagginess – through the mommy jeans trend and also looser fits coming to be so well-known these days, you might just large your blue jeans out a bit an ext and make them look loosened intentionally. Just check out the previous post I attached to on just how to stretch jeans.Denim DIY – If no one of those tips appeal come you, you might DIY them right into a pair of shorts or make a skirt out of them instead if friend honestly can’t wear castle anymore. It depends exactly how crafty girlfriend are.

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Final tips to remember

Hopefully you have actually read through all of this and also got her answer on exactly how to shrink jeans in a safe way, and also what to perform if you can’t hot wash them, but just come recap in instance some that you only want the cliff notes:

Only warm wash/boil/hot dried 100% noodle jeans.Do not warm wash/boil/hot dried elastane, lycra, spandex blends etc. – that damages.Warm warm is the highest for polyester blends, no boiling hot heat – the melts.Don’t gain your blue jeans wet as soon as wearing castle – lock stretch fast.Try and also buy 4 method stretch blends and also jeans that room designed never ever to bag the end (see above).Buy 1 dimension smaller for this reason they’re super tight to begin with and stretch out to fit instead.Winter jeans – If you’re really stuck, stay leggings underneath to bulk them out.If all else fails, shot taking them to a continue to take it them in in particular areas.

We space always around sharing advice and tips below at The blue jeans Blog as you know, therefore if girlfriend have any tried and tested techniques yourself for just how to shrink blue jeans safely, then let us know in the comment below! Hopefully all this advice has helped as I was so shocked by the references of cook them and also hot washing them, without telling you the damages it have the right to do on certain fabrics!