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How to make your grand clock keep an excellent time.

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Adjusting the Pendulum ~ above Your grand Clock

How to speed up grandfather clock or slow down your grand clock.

The pendulum length dictates how rapid or just how slow your grandfather clock will save the suitable time. If you take it time to readjust it properly, the grand clock can keep exceptionally good time because that a mechanical timekeeper. Most newer clocks usage a steel pendulum i m sorry are an extremely stable. Most older and reproduction clocks usage a lumber stick pendulum which can also keep great time if offered in one area wherein the temperature and also environment is stable.

Adjusting the speed of the clock is completed by moving the pendulum disc (bob) up or down.

Speed UP (turn nut left come right)——Slow DOWN (turn ideal to left)

The longer you make the pendulum, the slower the grand clock.The shorter you make the pendulum, the faster the grandfather clock.

This is readjusted by transforming the nut in ~ the bottom the the pendulum. Relocating it up pushes the “bob” (the ring disk) up so the clock will certainly run faster. If you turn the nut as to lower the “bob”, the clock will run slower.The pendulum disk is moved up or under by transforming the convey nut.

1) start by seeing specifically how far off the time is over a 24 hour period. Collection the grandfather clock appropriately by utilizing your cabinet phone. Watch your cell phone call time as soon as it breakthroughs to the next minute on whatever hour the is on, collection the minute hand on the grandfather clock to that location.


The grandfather clock pendulum convey is excellent by transforming the nut at the bottom increase to speed up the grand clock or under to slow the grand clock.

2) Look at the clock again exactly 24 hrs later and also see if the is quick or slow. Move the nut up or down depending if the is slow or fast about a full turn for a minute a day.

3) Look in ~ the grand clock again one more 24 hours later and see if the is rapid or slow. Move the nut up or under depending if it is sluggish or fast about a 1/2 rotate for a difference of about 30 secs a day. Reset the minute hand come the correct time as above.

4) Repeat the above using much less turn on the nut till the pendulum is the correct length.

If your grand clock is sluggish or fast, the speed is dictated by this adjustment. It is constantly easier for the clock to start slow and then start raising the pendulum nut therefore the clock will gradually run much faster until the correct time is achieved.


“I have moved my nut every the way down and also the clock is still too fast”

The function of the adjustment nut is to move the pendulum bob ( the big disk) increase or down. Periodically on enlarge clocks the pendulum parts gain tight or frozen and also you might be moving the nut, yet the pendulum bob continues to be frozen.

1) Take off the pendulum and place that backside up on a soft working surface.

2) include a drop of clock oil (synthetic) ~ above the threaded stick just above and below the nut.

3) Make sure the height of the nut is in the slot as shown.

4) revolve the nut up and down the rod to evenly distribute the oil till the rotation feels smooth.

Make certain the “Bob” ( the disk) is moving up and down v the motion of the nut. That is not inexplicable for the seed to move down, yet the bob stuck above the nut. Good lubrication and also making sure the height ridge the the nut is in the slot will certainly correct this issue.

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clock pendulum bob diagramClick the picture for one enlarged view


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