1 : a piece of paper, cloth, or similar material that is attached to something to identify or describe it The name is prominently displayed on the label. You should read the warning label before you take any medicine. (US) a mailing label <=a piece of paper with a mailing address already printed on it>

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2 : a word or phrase that describes or identifies something or someone The word was given the label "obsolete." Some people describe him as "selfish," but he doesn"t deserve that label. Once you give people labels, it"s hard to see them as individuals.
3 : a company that produces musical recordings a major/independent record label The band has made records for/on/with several different labels in their career.
1a : a slip (as of paper or cloth) inscribed and affixed to something for identification or description The name is prominently displayed on the label.
b : written or printed matter accompanying an article to furnish identification or other information Read the warning label before taking any medicine.
(2) : a word or phrase used with a dictionary definition to provide additional information The label obsolete is abbreviated obs.
b : the brand name of a retail store selling clothing, a clothing manufacturer, or a fashion designer She only buys clothes with a designer label.
labeled or labelled; labeling or labelling\ ˈlā-​b(ə-​)liŋ \
b : to describe or designate with or as if with a label labels his photos with the date and place they were taken
2a : to distinguish (an element or atom) by using an isotope (see isotope sense 1) distinctive in some manner (as in mass or radioactivity)
b : to distinguish (something, such as a compound or cell) by introducing a traceable constituent (such as a dye or labeled atom)

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labelable \ ˈlā-​bə-​lə-​bəl \ adjective
labeler \ ˈlā-​b(ə-​)lər \ noun

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Noun The name is prominently displayed on the label. You should read the warning label before you take any medicine. The word was given the label “obsolete.” Some people describe him as “selfish,” but he doesn"t deserve that label. Once you give people labels, it"s hard to see them as individuals. The band has made records for several different labels in their career. Verb Be sure to carefully label the switches so that you don"t confuse them. He labels his photographs with the date and place they were taken.

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Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Fred Segal welcomes an exclusive pop-in with Versace Jeans Couture through Oct. 31, marking the Italian luxury brand’s first U.S. activation of the streetwear label since its relaunch in 2019. — Ingrid Schmidt, Los Angeles Times, 16 Sep. 2021 Harlow became one of the most prolific artists of this quintessential New York label, recording more than 200 albums by various artists and 50 of his own. — Julian Voloj, sun-sentinel.com, 1 Sep. 2021 An oversized tee here, combat trousers there; a hoodie covered in the logo of an underground streetwear label, her neck dripping with chunky gold and silver jewelry. — Liam Hess, Vogue, 1 Sep. 2021 Affected packages will have the lot number 071521 on the bottom of the label. — Yoni Heisler, BGR, 31 Aug. 2021 As the wine is consumed, a charity (which will receive the proceeds from the bottle"s sale) is revealed on the opposite side of the label. — Abigail Adams, PEOPLE.com, 19 Aug. 2021 Apart from One Hit Wendy, Julianne continues to work as the founder of her production company Canary House Productions, founder of her health and fitness project KINRGY, and co-founder of the wine label Fresh Vine. — Kayla Keegan, Good Housekeeping, 16 Aug. 2021 The two connected at the request of Megan’s recording label at the time, 1501 Entertainment. — Brooklyn White, Essence, 12 Aug. 2021 In one of his first acts as president, Mr. Yetnikoff somewhat reluctantly let Ron Alexenburg, the head of CBS’s Epic label, sign the Jacksons. — BostonGlobe.com, 10 Aug. 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Be sure to label the outside with tape about the contents. — Washington Post, 21 Sep. 2021 Then there’s the issue of market-share designation, which sources say can vary wildly but is usually connected to label ownership of the primary deal. — Melinda Newman, Billboard, 20 Sep. 2021 The directive tasks the Commerce Department with setting up a program to label consumer electronics devices, like wireless routers, with a cybersecurity rating. — Sean Lyngaas, CNN, 13 Sep. 2021 Centaur Labs, a startup focused on improving the quality of healthcare data, today announced $15 million in funding to advance their mission to label the world’s medical data. — Gil Press, Forbes, 3 Sep. 2021 In a 2018 study, researchers from SAFElab, which combines social work, computer science, and the expertise of young people, worked with local experts in Chicago to label tweets associated with gang violence. — Khari Johnson, Wired, 4 Aug. 2021 For some reason, most homeowners and municipal tree programs don’t take the time to label their plants with common and botanical names, taxonomic family, native distribution of the species and the like. — Paul Cappiello, The Courier-Journal, 31 July 2021 After a box of beer was spotted in a photo of the traveling Democrats, Republicans started trying to label the excursion as a joy ride. — Ross Ramsey, Chron, 22 July 2021 Health officials say the situation won"t only complicate travel and frustrate fragile economies but also undermine vaccine confidence by appearing to label some shots substandard. — Maria Cheng, ajc, 13 July 2021

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