There are a million ways to to speak yes and no in German. Whether you’re agree a party invite or sending out a door-to-door salesman on his way, below are some German unit volume that’ll collection you up and give your ‘yesses and also nos’ a lot an ext power!

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Ways come say nein – no

Das interessiert mich nicht – the doesn’t attention me

Das will certainly ich nicht – ns don’t want that

Das kann ich nicht – i can’t perform that

Das mag ich nicht – i don’t prefer that

Ich kann nicht – i can‘t

Ich habe keine Zeit – i don’t have time

Das geht (momentan) nicht – the not feasible (at the moment)

Vielleicht nächstes Mal – Maybe next time

Ich bin (momentan) beschäftigt – I’m liven (at the moment)

Ich habe zu viel zu tun – I’ve acquired too lot to do

Ich habe zu tun – I’ve acquired things to do(An unusual-sounding phrase that literally converts to ‘I have to do’, omitting what that is over there is to do. Despite it might sound odd, that is exactly German!)

Lieber nicht – I’d quite not

Dieses Mal kann ich nicht – i can’t this time

Ich habe schon Pläne – I already have plans


Soften the blow of a nein:

Depends that you’re talk to and also how bad you desire to eliminate them, right? include the complying with onto the former of any kind of of the above phrases if you want to soften the punch of your no:

Es tut mir Leid, aber… – ns sorry, but…

Danke, aber… – Thanks, but…


Ways to say ja – yes


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Das wäre… gut/toll/usw. – That would be … (good/great/etc.)

Gerne – Gladly

Natürlich – that courseNatürlich mache ich das – Of course I’ll perform thatNatürlich gehe ich – Of course I’ll go

Auf jeden fall – Definitely

Ich freue mich (schon) – i’m looking front to it (already)

Das klingt gut – that sounds good

Das wird sicher Spaß machen – I’m sure that’ll it is in fun


Now what about those times once you’re not sure if it’s a correctly or a no? Or probably don’t desire to speak no outright, but you understand you’re no really interested? We’ve all provided that glorious word ‘maybe’ when really we median ‘no’! below are a couple of ways of speak maybe in German.

Ways to say vielleicht – maybe


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Ich weiß noch nicht – i don’t understand yet

Ich überlege es – okay think about it

Ich muss zuerst darüber nachdenken – I should think about it first

Ich muss zuerst checken– I require to check first

Ich sag es dir morgen/später/am Dienstag/nächste Woche – ok tell you tomorrow/later/on Tuesday/next week

Hoffentlich – Hopefully

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