When it comes to playing music on home windows PC, one of the most common platforms provided by bulk of the customers is windows Media Player. Additionally abbreviated as WMP, it is an applications of media player that permits the individuals to pat audio, see images and videos on your PCs and other devices. Occurred by Microsoft, windows Media Player functions on computer with Microsoft OS and also mobile devices based on Windows. If you have your repertoire of favourite songs on home windows Media Player and wish to gain them on her iPod, then they should be moved to the iDevice first. On the various other hand, if you have some of your favorite songs on iPod and also you no longer wish to save them ~ above iDevice, then you can transfer the songs to WMP so that you have accessibility to your favorite playlist. For this reason you need to sync iPod to home windows Media Player in order to complete the transport process.

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The following post will aid to recognize the ways to sync iPod v Windows Media Player and transfer music in between Windows Media Player and iPod.

Part 1. Transfer Music from home windows Media Player to iPod using iTunes

Naturally, if we want to carry music from pc to iPod, the an initial thinking is if iTunes as Apple"s main application have the right to do the project or not. The answer is Yes. If you wish to carry music from home windows Media Player to iPod, then using iTunes is just one of the most typical ways to carry out so. V this methods, the music from home windows Media Player will be an initial transferred come iTunes Library and also then indigenous iTunes come iPod.

So if girlfriend are in search of ways on just how to carry music from windows Media Player to iPod, review below.

Steps to move music from windows Media Player come iPod utilizing iTunes:

Step 1 Browse windows Media Player

Check because that the music folder of windows Media Player and also for that you can right click on the song and also then select “Open file location”.


Step 2 import music from home windows Music Player to iTunes

Launch iTunes on her PC and also tap file > Add paper to library (If you wish to include a song folder, select option that “Add Folder to Library”).


Select the tune from the same catalog where home windows Media Player saves the music and click “Open”.


The tune will be included under Music that iTunes library.

Step 3 deliver music native iTunes library to iPod

Using a USB cable, affix iPod to PC and it will certainly be detected by iTunes.

Click Music icon on iTunes at the top-left edge that will open the list of song in iTunes library. Pick the track that was moved from windows Media player, and drag it to the left panel and also drop to the iPod.


The selected song will be transferred to iPod. Friend can examine the song under music of your iPod.

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Part 2. Deliver Music in between Windows Media Player and iPod there is no iTunes

Some world don"t prefer using iTunes, together iTunes would erase the iPod"s initial existing music as soon as you should sync brand-new music to it. Right here we recommend one third-party routine which have the right to transfer music in between WMP and iPod bi-directionally without erasing music in iPod. Dr.Fone - call Manager (iOS) is fantastic program because that the music lover as it permits them to download, record and also transfer music between iOS devices, Android devices, PC and also iTunes.