IMVU is a 3D virtual world that provides its individuals a possibility to endure a virtual life by producing avatars and also customizing their look come reflect the user’s sense of style.

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This virtual civilization enhances digital social networking by allowing users to communicate through messaging, form groups, buy items, and also make friends v virtual reality.

IMVU can additionally be thought about a dating site because it enables the customers to dress up, meet and go top top a digital date. Prior to we get any deeper, lets an initial answer the question,

How can you view surprise outfits on IMVU?

The easiest means to view covert outfits is by use of the ‘hidden outfit viewer’ feature. You need to be in a room with the person you want to check out their outfit.

Click ~ above the see product sign, and this opens an external link, which reflects the viewable outfits.

Copy and paste this attach in the ‘hidden outfit viewer’, then click the ‘unhide’ button; this will present all the hidden items in the room.

Ways to Unhide Outfits

There room three key ways come unhide outfits on IMVU. The an initial method supplies the ‘hidden outfit viewer’, permitting the user come copy and also paste the URL and use the unhide button to watch the concealed outfits. The other two approaches are;

Changing the attend to extension indigenous come; enables the user to check out the covert outfits there is no necessarily navigating to the ‘hidden outfit viewer’ site.Using the find feature. This attribute shows every outfits that a user which were previously unhidden. If there were unhidden outfit in a room as soon as the human being was present, this feature would show their outfit.

How come Hide your Outfits

Most users favor to keep their outfits concealed to prevent others indigenous copying. The simplest means to hide your outfits is;

Visit the IMVU outfit websiteGo come settingsClick top top privacy settings, then readjust to ‘for myself only’.

Alternatively, you have the right to go to the promotion and feature settings, then on the ‘show assets in scene’, click the ‘do not permit other individuals to see the contents of mine outfit’, then click on the ‘update settings’ to confirm.

How To readjust Outfits ~ above IMVU

For a change of style and also elegance, users often change their outfits to fit in their environment. Below is the procedure;

Go to the IMVU client’s key menu, then click on ‘dress up.’From the provided accessories and attires, pick the one you desire for her avatar.Click ~ above the ‘save outfit’ button.

Deleting that Outfits

A user have the right to decide to eliminate their outfits after a while. The simplest means to attain this is; ~ above the classic client’s menu, click ‘my room’.

Then click the ‘outfits tool’, then go to ‘my outfits’ and place the cursor ~ above the item you want to delete; click the blue information button, which opens up up an info box.

Click ~ above the ‘delete outfit’ to confirm that you want to delete the outfit.

IMVU Tools

These are features uncovered on the IMVU site which help the user manoeuvre and improve the very nice one of your avatars. Detailed below space the most utilized IMVU tools:


Fake avatar card generator – this device helps you generate a fake avatar card you can article on her profile.Match file generator – from your avatar name, this device generates a obtain matched profile.Bio generator – after ~ assessing her CID or avatar name, the bio generator comes up with a suitable bio because that you.Password generator – this attribute helps you to come increase with solid passwords for protecting your account.Fake message generator generates fake IMVU messages that you can post on her profile.


Avatar surname to CID converter – this feature helps you transform multiple avatar name to customer identification numbers.CID come avatar surname converter – help in converting multiple customer identification number to avatar names.


The magical round game permits you to uncover answers to her deepest desires


Soul match – this feature allows you to communicate with various other IMVU customers within your neighborhood area, and you may make friends and even discover love.Shapes and also symbols collection here, you’ll find emojis, shapes, and symbols friend can affix to her avatar or when chatting.IMVU lite – a less complicated version of IMVU i m sorry is fast and has few adsOutfit cloner – you can discover what someone’s main outfit is.

Emporium Services

Apart from the concealed outfit viewer, IMVU supplies a wide range of products and services to its users.

As because that products, several of them room still ~ above a trial basis, however for services, many are up and also running. Listed below are some of the mafia services noted by IMVU:

1. Avatar map viewer

Once you have actually identification, this service allows you to check out avatar details such together last login, the registered date, additional rooms, true album count, etc.

2. Historic room viewer

This feature enables you to watch the history of rooms saw by the user and all the outfits without in reality being in those rooms.

3. Catalogue viewer

This feature shows the developer’s catalogue, including all products and also the concealed items.

4. Energetic room scanner

This feature display screens the user’s currently energetic rooms and helps you see who is in a chat v whom. This only works in windy rooms. Together for exclusive rooms, the user must be the one who invited someone rather to show.

5. Historic name viewer

This service enables one to check out the user’s history of name or as soon as the names to be last checked out or searched.

6. Symbol creator

This company helps you produce a symbol which you deserve to use ~ above avatar cards and in a group or personal chats.

7. Outfit versus

This is a direct comparison the outfits to help you select the best. The user chooses the outfit that finest suits them and is offered a possibility to rate the outfit.

8. Newest top catalogue

This feature screens the latest assets in the catalogue and also indicates their rank. This page enables the user to check out the best of what is brand-new without looking with the old assets you have already seen.

This attribute also permits developers to know how well their products are performing.

9. Name checker

Takes a enormous input and also separates each word, then checks for the ease of access of words in IMVU. It screens the available words, however if there is none, climate the name is eligible for registration.

10. Derivation tree

This attribute shows the hierarchy of parental of product identification and shows the hidden and disabled products.

Other virtual Worlds

These worlds are much more like social communication sites, other than that you use 3D avatars to represent the users. Parallel worlds to IMVU include; lady popular, Habbo, ours world, touch, and second life, just to mention a few.


IMVU permits a user to live in a virtual world, producing an virtual avatar that mirrors the user. Users can have a complete life practically by to buy items, to buy houses, playing games, having team chats etc. Users deserve to hide, change, unhide and delete outfits.

Several tools boost user experience and also interaction with various other users. Together seen, IMVU likewise offers a range of services that administer users v a distinct 3D experience.

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IMVU disclosure creativity and also encourages social interactions through people throughout the world.