We understand from the vault lesson that .35 = 35%. The word "of" way multiply. For this reason we get the following:

35% x $1.00 = .35 x $1.00

since $1.00 = 1, we obtain .35 x $1.00 = .35 x 1 = .35

35% that $1.00 is $.35

Solution: 35% of one dollar is $.35, or 35 cents.

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The solution to the above problem is no surprising, due to the fact that percents, dollars and also cents room all based upon the number 100. To convert a percent come a decimal, very first remove the percent symbol, then move the decimal allude two locations to the left. Look at the example 1 below.

Example 1: Write each percent together a decimal: 18%, 7%, 82%, 55%


In instance 1, it was straightforward to convert each percent to a decimal since each percent had actually two digits. (The exception to this was 7% because that which we essential to include in a zero in stimulate to make the conversion.) Thus, we require a procedure to follow for consistency.

To write a percent as a decimal, follow these steps:

Remove the percent symbol.Move the decimal point two locations to the left, adding in zeros as needed.Why perform we relocate the decimal allude 2 places to the left?

Remember that percent means parts per hundred, therefore 18% = 

From your expertise of decimal ar value, you know that  = 0.18 (eighteen hundredths).

Thus, 18% must additionally equal 0.18.

Let"s take one more look at instance 1, this time consisting of the fountain equivalents of each percent.

Example 1: Write each percent as a decimal: 18%, 7%, 82%, 55%


Let"s watch at an additional example of creating percents together decimals.

Example 2: Write each percent together a decimal: 12.5%, 89.19%, 39.2%, 71.935%

12.5% .12500
89.19% .89190
39.2% .39200

Summary: To write a percent as a decimal, remove the percent symbol, then relocate the decimal allude two areas to the left, adding in zeros as needed.


Directions: check out each inquiry below. Select your answer by clicking its button. Prompt feedback is noted in the outcomes BOX. If you do a mistake, pick a different button.

1. I m sorry of the complying with is same to 64%? 
.064 .64 6.74 no one of the above.

results BOX:

2. Which of the following is equal to 7.27%? 
7.27 .727 .0727 none of the above.

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results BOX:

3. Which of the adhering to is equal to 91.4763%? 
.914763 9.14673 91.4763 no one of the above.

results BOX:

4. Which number has the greatest value? 
19.72% 1.972 $19.72 20 cents

outcomes BOX:

5. I beg your pardon number has the the very least value? 
1.039% 1.39 $1.39 139 cents

results BOX: