Randi to be born and also raised in the USA but spent 12 year in beautiful Israel, whereby she learned to do these delicious, healthy and balanced salads

The Hebrew word for "Love" is Ahava (Ah-ha-vah.) But, love is much more than simply a word. The is one emotion the involves activity and in Israel, whereby Hebrew is the national language, love is additionally a means of life!


It spells love!

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The sculpture the Robert Indiana modeled his Hebrew one after.

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Faith and also Compassion are also Love

Israeli civilization are generous by nature. Many of lock would give you the shirt off your back. There are theolgists that would argue the the Hebrew word Chesed (Khe-said) also means love. The meaning of chesed is faithful, merciful and kind. While i wouldn't personally specify this word together love, I would certainly most certainly define it together a loving action.

Hebrew names that mean Love

The female name Ahuva originates from the Hebrew word Ahava and method beloved. Chaviva way dearly loved. This are common names in Israel.

A symbol of Love

American sculptor, Robert Indiana, created a love sculpture the would become world renowned. It was also used on the unified State's short article Office's first in the series of "love stamps."

In 1977, he produced a Hebrew variation for the Israel Musuem in Jerusalem, Israel. That stands proudly in the garden that the musuem.

How come say "I love you" in Hebrew

Because Hebrew is not gender neutral, I will certainly break this down.

The Hebrew letter khet has a gutteral sound. It nearly sounds prefer you are clearing her throat when you say it. It is really hard to compose in transliteration together there room no English equivalents. Once you check out a "Kh" or "Ch", i am introduce to the sound.

Girl come boy: Ani ohevit o-tkha. (Ah knee five hev that oat kha)

Girl come girl: Ani ohevit o-tach (Ah knee five hev that oat tach)

Boy come girl: Ani ohev o-tach (Ah knee five hev oat kha)

Boy to boy: Ani ohev o-tkha (Ah knee oh hev oat tach)

Girl to much more than one person: Ani ohevit o-tchem

Boy to more than one person: Ani ohev o-tchem.


An Ahava promo during brand-new York City Fashion Week whereby the models space slathered in Dead Sea Mud.

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Ahava beauty, beauty Products

Ahava is the name of a beauty firm that makes products from Dead Sea minerals. They have actually a large line of products, consisting of scrubs, lotions and soaps. They are sold all over the world and also online. As soon as you space in the shopping mall, friend will most likely see them in kiosks. Lock are likewise sold in countless of the big department stores. The firm began in 1988, as soon as Ziva Gilad, a spa tech, come up with the idea the marketing Dead Sea mud. It started with one stand and also generated into a million dollar service in its an initial year. It is a great product and highly recommended.

Many that the mineral from the dead Sea room thought come be beneficial to our health and have countless restoratative powers. Civilization visit much and broad to avail themselves of this powers.

You Don't need to Speak a Language to have the ability to say a few Phrases

Your factor for learning an additional language will identify just how far you will go v it. If you are travelling to one more country or have friends that speak a various language, friend may just want to learn sufficient to speak a couple of key things. You may simply be top top a mission to be able to say a details word or phrase in as numerous languages as you can! whatever your reason, you might be interested in a little bit of history as well. In my hub, typically Used Hebrew Words and also How to Say Them, I go into a bit more detail ~ above the Hebrew language.

I leave you v the most famous rendition of an currently famous Israeli Love Song!

Questions & Answers

Question: can I additionally use words Ahava once talking to mine child?

Answer: Yes. Simply as we use the word love in English, we have the right to use Ahava in the same way

Question: What is the hebrew name for hope and also love?

Answer: expect is Tikvah and also love is Ahava

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Janet! give thanks to you so lot for your lovely comment. I am for this reason glad the you enjoyed this article. Ns do have a few more write-ups with the tiny Hebrew great in them. The word for eternal is netzachi from the source word netzach meaning forever. Once again, thsnk friend for stopping by.

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I just discovered your page by looking increase the Hebrew word because that Love. What A Beautiful Word. Ahava. I am embarrassing of someone that would come on a page of Ahava and be for this reason mean and also ugly! thank Goodness its no on here anymore. There is some lot Ahava and also Chesed top top here. Thank you for helping me find and learn come pronounce words I to be looking for. I desire to acquire a tatoo ~ above my within wrist states *His Ahava is Eternal* do you recognize the Hebrew word for Eternal? Psalms 136 His Love is Eternal 26 times! Beautiful

So Thankful to You for the various other words ns learned on here today. I do love the Hebrew language and love come hear someone speaking it. So now I know a couple of words and also how come speak them. Ahava is walking on my wrist. I want to learn an ext and will remain with her hubs and see what I have the right to learn. Thank You Randi. Store Up the exorbitant Teaching, you seem like a Woman with a most Ahava! i can't wait come learn much more words. I am no in a hurry. Ns don't view myself traveling anywhere anytime soon. Also Bad! I want to learn them and also be may be to keep them in this no so young brain. LOL

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The native "salam" means, basically, peace and also is offered with the greeting: "As-salamu alaykum".

This hub refers to the word for love.

In Arabic the phrase for an expression of love is gender specific:

"Ana behibak" (if claimed to a male);

"Ana behibek" (if stated to a female).

That said, we can all just shot to disregard the cyber-bullies.

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Love your punny aha va moment!

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Randi, I, too, to be sorry the someone flamed you here on HubPages. Ns can't believe it! That's specifically what's wrong through the world...and your Hub is a an excellent starting place: finding out to say the word "love" but additionally the definition of it. Ns definitely think in the old 70s song: "What the people needs now is love, sweet love..."!

What i love around this hub? You help your reader learn a small about deeper linguistics: the a indigenous in use has actually a depth semantic definition than merely its dictionary definition. It offers your reader a home window into the language and also culture.

Your Hub incorporates every the facets of a "stellar Hub:" well-researched, well-explained, evergreen content; a table; great pictures (and advantageous ones that room sourced); a map to aid people visualize where in the people you space talking about; and a video! You also bring in a popular commercial product (Ahava) to help people make relationships to something castle possibly already know about, which is an excellent language teaching - I can tell you supplied to teach! mine friend brought me my an initial Ahava products when he checked out visit the Dead Sea, before they became widely obtainable here in the US...and when I first saw the Hebrew word for love in your Hub, I had actually my "Aha"va moment! good hub!!!

BTW, your responses to the unwarranted vitriol were an extremely classy and humane. I guideline my cap to you, Dame Randi! (I'm not sure I can have to be so loving, myself. You verified the "action" component of ahava towards other humans.)

Randi Benlulu (author) from Mesa, AZ ~ above June 04, 2013:

I know, right?! give thanks to you, Mary! i haven't in reality done a mid mask however I do use few of their lotions and cleaners and have to be pleased. Unfortunately, ns didn't get any kind of younger! thanks for the votes and the support!

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Isn't it amazing exactly how a hub about love can bring out the worst in part people? the being said, ns think this is a exorbitant topic for a hub and learning come say "I love you" in any language, in any kind of way, is only one more attribute you have the right to be proud of . Oh, and also that Dead Sea mud looks inviting! possibly those minerals will certainly pick up this old skin ;)

Voted up, useful, and interesting.

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I thrived up in unincorporated DesPlaines, yet have stayed in Glenview, Skokie and Wheeling! I operated several summers at Camp Henry Horner in round Lake! tiny world!

Richard Bivins native Charleston, SC ~ above June 03, 2013:

Very cool... I grew up in the Northwest suburbs (Round Lake) but live in the city now.

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Thank you, livewithrichard, and welcome to my hub! girlfriend are really welcome! native a fellow Chicagoan (actually Northwest suburbs!)

Richard Bivins indigenous Charleston, SC on June 03, 2013:

Well excellent and great topic. It's a word that I shot to use often with mine friends and family. Give thanks to you for teaching me a new way to say it.

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Thank you, Jackie!

Randi Benlulu (author) indigenous Mesa, AZ ~ above June 02, 2013:

This author feels no require to safeguard herself yet truly appreciates she "Knights in glowing armour"

Point2 make, quite to view you here on my hubs and thank you an extremely much! Todah Rabah!

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Maxoxam41 تأدَّبْ . كن لطيفاً < I simply told our girlfriend to act himself>

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Randi Benlulu (author) indigenous Mesa, AZ top top June 02, 2013:

I am important sorry, maxoxam41 that my hub offends you. I think all languages and also cultures are great. Because I select to write around one certain one at the moment does not negate the validity of any other.

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Thank you, Bill! i couldn't agree more! have actually a LOVEly rest of the weekend!

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Well, due to the fact that I take into consideration love to it is in the most important thing in life, this hub was created for me. :) Beautiful message, Randi....and the greatest means to speak "love" is v our actions.

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Thank you, Martin!

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Thank you, Jackie! My following hub is about Hebrew also and I may take you up on the other idea! ns don't understand if you have actually read mine hubs around my mother-in-law and also her immigration to Israel, as well as mine. They are not also detailed yet do talk around it. Hmmm, thank you because that the idea!

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Thank friend so much, Faith! that is a "love ly" subject! I appreciate your votes and also share! Ahava, Randi!

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