“Les Miserables, which functions the song, “I dreamed a Dream,” is a well-known musical that opened up in London in December, 1985. The producer to be Cameron Mackintosh. Alain Boublil and also Jean-Marc Natel composed the text in French, while Herbert Kretzmer interpreted them right into English. Claude-Michel Schonberg composed the music. The work is based upon the publication of the exact same title by 19th century French writer Victor Hugo.

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Many talented performers have sung, “I dreamed a Dream.” The first was Patti LuPone that played Fantine in the London variation of “Les Miserables.” Randy Graff opened up the American operation on Broadway. Susan Boyle soared come stardom through her rendition that “I dreamy a Dream” ~ above “Britain’s gained Talent.” and also Anne Hathaway play the part of Fantine in the movie version. Even men such as Michael Ball and also Michael Crawford — the original Phantom that the Opera — have actually taken a shot in ~ the song with varying levels of success.

At the end of the show, Fantine does find some redemption. Her spirit appears to a dying character who had, in life, been her friend. “Come with me, I’ll lead you come salvation,” she sings to him. “o love one more person is to see the confront of God.”

They fade toward the back of the stage, presumably to a people that is kinder.

“I dreamed a Dream” is a track that resonates with practically everyone. Over there are couple of people who have actually not feel damaged by life or who have actually not well-known someone else who felt damaged through life. The words and also the soft, extreme music offer voice to Fantine’s agony. As soon as she return at the end of the show and also the audience sees the she has discovered peace in ~ last, the emotion in the theatre is all yet overwhelming.

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Watch Ann Hathaway’s heartbreaking performance of the song in the video below.