At Walking with Purpose, we develop and also deliver holy bible studies to reach adult women, young adult women, and middle college girls.

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Our studies space designed to give you all you have to encounter Christ personally with the pages that the Bible.
At Walking v Purpose, we develop and deliver holy bible studies to reach adult women, young adult women, and middle college girls.
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“I trust in you, O LORD…My times are in her hands.” (Psalm 31:14-15)

These words were composed by King David in ~ a time as soon as he was experiencing deep distress. Previously in Psalm 31 he wrote, “My toughness fails since of mine misery” (Psalm 31:10). His circumstances were no what the wanted. He was bone-weary. However somehow, he was able to trust God.

I wonder exactly how you space doing best now, if you room weary, too. What situations are you encountering that makes it challenging for you to trust that “your times” room in God’s qualified hands? are you struggling to it is in content v what “your times” presently hold?

Is it possible to it is in content when your finances walk up and down? go a family dilemm negate the opportunity of contentment? have the right to you be content once you no achieving really much? go contentment rely on even if it is you room married or single? deserve to you be contents regardless of how schools will run this fall? Does your contentment rely on whether or no the pandemic proceeds to rage? Is the tied to your health, wealth, comfort, or safety?

Trust in God and contentment go hand in hand. When I think the all as much as me, i feel I need to hustle. I’m discontent if any kind of of my scenarios are not what I had been working for. However when I acknowledge my littleness and see that i am not the leader of the universe and also am actually in the palm of god’s hand, I have the right to rest. Once I rest, i realize that God has actually not failed me. I am still standing. He is maintain me. Ns am able come pray, “You are my rock and also my fortress…into your hand i commit mine spirit; you have redeemed me, O Lord, faithful God” (Psalm 31:3, 5).

Because God is that He claims He is, and does what He says He’ll do, “even now, there is hope” (Ezra 10:2). This is a truth you have the right to count on—there is always reason come hope. God was no surprised this morning through what popped increase in her news feed. He isn’t wringing His hands together He looks under from sky at the chaos below. God no playing roughly with your life, dispassionately seeing what you space made of. The is utterly in control, completely interested in the details of your life, and also timelessly working later so that even the worst points today have the right to be redeemed down the road. 

God loves you v a level of purity the you can’t also fathom. In a time as soon as you might wonder which news, data, and also people you deserve to trust, God continues to be “the same, yesterday, today and also forever” (Hebrews 13:8). The is unchanging, unfailing, and unflinching in His meeting to father you faithfully.

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Allow yourself to come to be little—like a child. Permit the pressure roll off. Photo yourself in the palm of oh my god hands, because that is wherein you are. Remember what those hands have actually done. They space the exact same hands that extended out the heavens (Isaiah 45:12), called the sea it might go no further (Job 38:11), and healed v a touch (Matthew 8:3).

Psalm 31:15 says, “My times room in your hand.” This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t hold the whole people in His hands. But it’s undoubtedly sweeter as soon as you see that this is a truth meant because that you, personally. Jesus loves you and also gave himself up for you, and also your life is in the hand of the one who hands were nailed to the cross for her sake. May you take on this fact and enable this fact to it is in the resource of her hope, strength, and also security.