Positive vibes only
Hi lovelies, i hope girlfriend all had a an excellent week and are enjoying her weekend. Also, how are we already 7 months right into the year!

As a busy twenty-something, living in among the world busiest cities, ns take pride in stopping and re-charging my batteries every now and also then! i don’t have many ‘life rules’ but that is one of them; come stop and appreciate my surroundings, myself and the people around me.

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How perform I re-charge? This is usually mood dependent, but, that often requires spending the totality day/most of the alone — one of two people at house (no location like house after all), functioning out/walking, reading or everything floats my boat that day. It just helps me to clear my mind and also just relax. I challenge you to shot it!

Last weekend, I made decision to head out and also explore London.

I began off in my old stomatic grounds; east London, then i ventured v the West end; because that 7 hrs — it didn’t feeling that lengthy as it to be such a gorgeous job — English summer is ago — yet don’t blink, it will certainly disappear again! Lol. I walked around; not an especially going anywhere, ns looked around, grabbed lunch, walk a little of shopping, arts galleries, had an ice cream cream, randomly sat down on benches to remainder my feet and also people watched (people watching is just one of my fav. Past times —humans are such fascinating creatures! )

As ns did every this, what i noticed to be positive vibes only!

I came throughout a lot of of unity, happiness, love and peace. Ns felt it and also I observed it. With everything that has been happening approximately the world and also in the UK (especially London), what I experienced where world from all walks the life, being type to one another and having a an excellent old time while doing it!



People are additionally walking about with chalk and spreading the love through these top top pavements!

The coffee shop i sat in had this pic ~ above the wall: ‘all you require is love & cake’ — amen come that! (I didn’t get cake however I absolutely felt the love)


The one point that really got my attention was once I saw (mostly) strangers in an open space, obtain together — — they danced together and also swapped partners and also generally had actually a laugh! #Tango! inspect them out in the photos. . .

I don’t think ns have ever seen anything an ext beautiful and amazing amongst strangers in my entire life. It was very heart warming and also I wanted to share these photos with you guys!

Today’s short article was a quick one simply to say the sometimes, it can be hard to see, but there is so lot positivity, kindness and also love all approximately us.

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We simply need to tap into that energy as lot as us can and we will discover it. It is over there to it is in found and to it is in enjoyed.

Most of us are all about the positive vibes only, for this reason let’s all sprinkle much more of that all over we go, due to the fact that it feels an excellent and provides us all feel alive!