This quick and straightforward mantra, taught united state by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, is the many popular and also well-known ho’oponopono mantra or prayer. This mantra can likewise be considered as the shortest ho’oponopono prayer.Below we will certainly teach girlfriend the best way for practicing the mantra.

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The Ho’oponopono Mantra consists of 4 basic steps or phrases:Step 1: ns Love YouStep 2: ns Sorry step 3: please Forgive MeStep 4: say thanks to You Although the words have to be exact, over there is no exactly order for the 4 phrases, you have the right to say castle in any order you want. You can say: “I’m sorry, you re welcome forgive me, thank you, i love you.”But, if you feel better saying for example: “i love you, i am sorry, please forgive me, say thanks to you”, that’s additionally perfectly fine.These an easy phrases have actually tremendous power. Lock contain the power of repentance, forgiveness, transmutation, and also gratitude, come erase and transmute any kind of limiting storage or beliefs. You deserve to use the 4 steps come solve any type of problem, and it’s not important to understand the cause of the problem or to recognize what the exact problem is. You deserve to say these four sentences as lot as friend like.The an ext you repeat them, and the much more you clean, the better.When you speak this mantra a lot, and it becomes a habit, ultimately your subconscious mind will take over and also repeat this phrases because that you nearly continuously, therefore you’re cleaning every the time.Which is great because there is a lot come clean! and not just for yourself but additionally for others.

Below us will describe each expression in detail.

Saying "I love you" come the magnificent cleans whatever in you, that transmutes the grounding energies so they can flow again, permitting you to suffer the miracle of this moment. And you room reconnected again v the Divine. As soon as you to express love you get back to the zero state, the state without boundaries which is pure love.“I love you” is the password that unlocks the healing. The heal of yourself.The idea is to love everything. Love the extra weight, love the addiction, love the difficulty child, love the trouble neighbor or spouse. Love that all.When you endure a problem, i beg your pardon is led to by replaying memories, tell castle silently or mentally: “Dear memories, ns love you. Ns am thankful for the chance to liberate girlfriend all and me.” it is finest to repeat “I love you” quietly over and also over again. Memories never ever retire or walk on holiday, uneven your cleaning forces them come retire. The great thing is, friend don’t also have come be conscious of difficulties to cure them. So you deserve to say “i love you” before anything you do, to type of ‘prevent’ problems. For instance say it prior to you do a phone call call, or prior to you gain in your auto to journey to a meeting.

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We say this mantra to recognize that we have caught something right into our system.Most of the moment we have no proviso what this routine is or wherein it come from, and also that’s perfect fine, yes sir absolutely no need to recognize this.It deserve to be any kind of belief or assumed or memory, from yourself or inherited from your ancestors. And also this program is leading to a details situation or a emotion of anger, fear, frustration, impatience…For example, the details program that you caught can do you overweight or can reason an addiction. Once you to speak “I’m sorry, please forgive me”, you’re do it clear to the magnificent that you’re trying to find forgiveness for whatever caused this routine to show up in your life. But you’re petitioning divinity for assist to forgive yourself, you don’t must ask divinity to forgive you.As us petition Love to rectify errors within ourselves we ask: “I am sorry for whatever is walk on inside of me that manifests together the problem, please forgive me.”These space some other ways to questioning it: “I to be sorry for whatever ideas I inherited or took in from my ancestors or myself.”, or “Please forgive me because that the data or the ideas or the memories the are comprising this feeling of...”.Love’s responsibility then is to transmute the errors within you that manifest as the problem.If you have a difficulty with someone else you have to ask yourself, “What is walk on within of me i m sorry is leading to this guy to irritate me?” many of the moment when civilization show increase in ours life, the is because there is a great we require to learn or to do us conscious of a regime inside ourselves, which we deserve to then clean. It’s really great if we realize this since then we can take advantage of it and also use it come clean, clean, clean.It’s likewise important to realize the memories space shared. Once you clues something in another that you nothing like, you have actually it in you, together well. Your project is come clean it. Together you do, it will certainly leave the other human being as well. Remember, life is a mirror!When you notification someone has actually a trouble or ‘program’, that method you have actually it too. Ho"oponopono is also about taking 100% duty for every little thing going on in your life and whatever you notice going ~ above in the life that others. What happens in your life is no your fault, yet it is your responsibility. Which means you can’t blame everyone or anything for your present reality. For this reason taking responsibility for it, way accepting it, owning it, and loving it, so it deserve to be healed.And the good thing is, once you clean yourself, friend clean the regime from everyone.

By saying “Thank you”, us express gratitude. We present our confidence that the problem will it is in cleared for the highest an excellent of everyone involved.You deserve to just speak “thank you” or you deserve to use statements choose this:“Thank you for erasing this id from me, say thanks to you because that deleting these data, this negativities, this programs, this an unfavorable perception the end of mine body and also mind.”Gratitude is an extremely powerful, for this reason really feel it!

So through practicing the Ho"oponopono Mantra “I love you, ns Sorry, please forgive me, thank You” we are cleaning the program in ourselves that are staying clear of us from gift at the pure state the love, the zero state, where there are no limits.You have the right to just speak the phrases, but if friend really feel them, girlfriend will obtain results a many faster.You can say these four phrases as lot as you want, according to or silently in ~ yourself. The an ext the better, due to the fact that there is a lot come clean!It’s very good to repeat this process mentally again and also again, ~ a while the will end up being a habit for this reason you’re repetitively cleaning. And when you do that, your troubles will disappear, one by one.It is in the hand of great what will occur next. You might receive catalyst to take details actions. If you are uncertain about which activity you should take, just keep utilizing the exact same 4 healing phrases to clear her confusion. Once you get clear, girlfriend will know what you have to do. And then just do it!

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