We Swiss space not well-known for being an especially passionate or emotional. The Italians or Spaniards are. However even if we display our feelings much less in public, because we believe that this is a private matter, that does not mean that we have no feelings. Similar to anyone else, we loss in love and also share our emotions through the people who are essential to us and whom us love.

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Most human being show their affection because that their companion by using a distinct nickname

Have you fallen in love through a Swiss person? you did? So would it not be quite if you might tell her or him your feelings in Swiss German? That’s why we have actually put with each other a valuable vocabulary that Swiss German love vows and also phrases. So that you can surprise your darling and make the or she love you even more!

Nicknames for your lover

Nicknames always express the distinct intimacy in a partnership. That’s just how we show our affection and also how familiar and comfortable we are with every other. The choice of the nickname walk not take place accidentally. That is inseparably linked to the feelings for the partner and also reflects them.

Each language of course has actually its own distinctive nicknames. As well as the very special vocabulary, in Swiss German the diminutive type “-li” is likewise used an extremely often. Together this ending can show affection, Swiss human being like to include it come their wanted nickname.

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No. 1 “Schatz”

N° 1 nickname in Switzerland for a love one: “Schatz”

Swiss civilization love to speak to their girl- or boyfriend “Schatz”. It is the many used nickname in the country. “Schatz” likewise comes in different variations, depending on the dialect or the age of the human being using it.


The words “Schatz” and also “Schatzi” have actually a long legacy by the way, also in high German. Those expressions got earlier toGoethe’s day and can be found in countless of his poems.

Particularly renowned – terms from the human being of animals

In the German language and also in Swiss German too many of animal names are supplied to refer to the partner. A truth that latin language for instance don’t know at all. The most popular expressions are:

Swiss GermanEnglish
Muus, MüsliMouse
Bär, BäärliBear
Schnägg, SchnäggliSnail
Spatz, SpätzliSparrow
Chäfer, ChäferliBeetle

It is an extremely common in Switzerland to call your partner a beetle

More usual Swiss German expressions

In addition to animals, this are more ways to call your boyfriend or girlfriend in Swiss German:

For her girlfriendFor your boyfriendEnglish translation
ChliniChlinäLittle one
LiebschtiLiebschteMy love

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International nicknames

Multilingualism in Switzerland is likewise reflected in the an option of nicknames. Again and also again, one hears French or Italian terms. City Swiss guys in specific like to select English nicknames. These space the most commonly used nicknames from other languages:

Cutie pie

Ich lieb diiiiiich

One the the most vital sentences in the world: i love you. Of course you have to know how to to speak it in Swiss German. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound fairly as romantic as in French “Je t’aime” and also not fairly as passionate as in Spanish “te amo”. In Swiss German they say:

Ich lieb dich/diDepending top top the dialect, girlfriend can also say: ich ha di lieb

The indistinguishable to the English “I like you” is in Swiss German: “ich ha di gärn”.

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Till fatality do us part

In case you desire to marry a Swiss person, you need to know exactly how to ask THE inquiry in Swiss German

Let’s speak you’ve been through your girlfriend or boyfriend for a couple of years and also you’re certain you desire to invest the rest of your life v that person. So how do you ask THE most necessary questions in Swiss German? here are the most important terms and also phrases around marriage:

Swiss GermanEnglish
Willsch du mich hürate?Do you desire to marry me
Willsch du mini Frau werde?Do you want to come to be my wife?
Bis dass de Tod eus scheidetTill death do us part
EheringWedding ring
TrauzüginMaid of honor
TrauzügBest man
PolterabigBachelor party

Exchange much more than a couple of romantic words

We have now equipped you v the most essential words in Swiss German on the topic of love. So that you can exchange an ext than simply a few words through your Swiss partner, us recommend that you publication our online course.