The sentence with "yourself" is not, strict speaking, wrong. It sounds a little folksy and colloquial, choose the human who is speak this is old friends v the human being he is addressing.

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The thing is, this formulas that are supplied in greetings are collection phrases. Also if an alternative is not completely wrong, it"s best not to firmly insist on using them.

A better use of "yourself" could be in one exchange prefer this,

– exactly how are you?

– Fine. And also yourself?

This is a shortened version of the ideal phrase. Again, colloquial.

If you space asking around subtexts that meaning, utilizing yourself underscores that you room reversing the question from you ago to the human being who has actually asked first.

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In the context of both the the questions, both it seems ~ to have actually the very same meaning. Yet there"s a subtle difference in you and also yourself relying on the situation. "Yourself" is supplied reflexively to reflect back to "you" or "me" together the subject. E.g., You picked it up yourself. Expect this helps.

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How around yourself is grammar incorrect. Once using reflex pronouns, you need to use a topic at the very least once, return you deserve to have an implied usage to e.g.. Friend did the to yourself or (You) Look in ~ yourselves. It is grammatically exactly to to speak How about you, yourself, yet that"s quite clunky.

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"How around you?" - have the right to refer come one or two people so that would certainly be the reason why I"d want to usage "yourself" or "yourselves".

I personally use the colloquial consumption if I want to differentiate in between one and also many people and it is welcomed where ns live together in:

"How around yourself?" or "How about yourselves?"

You can say

"How about you three", "how about you in prior of me", "how about you lot".

but that all sound a bit rude because it doesn"t address those human being as people! (you could be asking her robots)

Possibly far better grammatically can be

"How about you, yourself?" or "How about you, yourselves?"

but that is simply a little bit longer and also the "you" simply seems a little bit pointless - the mind can occupational out without any kind of extra effort what friend mean. So, I"d use "you" if there is no ambiguity between the human being I"m addressing and others and "yourself" or "yourselves" without the "you" if there is ambiguity.

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