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"I need Love" is the second single from LL Cool J"s second album, Bigger and also Deffer. It reached #1 ~ above the hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and also #14 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 while coming to be one the the first rap song to reap mainstream popularity in the UK, reaching #8 in the UK Singles Chart. The single won a soul Train Music compensation for best Rap solitary in 1988 heart Train Music Awards. The song ranked #13 ~ above About.com"s peak 100 lab Songs. Number 60 top top VH1"s 100 greatest Songs of hip Hop. The drums to be played v a Roland TR-808 and also the key-board tone to be played through a Yamaha DX7 making use of the Fulltines patch. Much more »

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When I"m alone in mine roomSometimes ns stare in ~ the wallAnd in the back of my mindI hear mine conscience callTelling me I need a girl who"s together sweet together a doveFor the very first time in mine life, I watch I require loveThere ns was, giggling around the gamesThat I had actually played with plenty of hearts and I"m no saying no namesThen the thought occurred, Tear drops do my eyes burnAs I stated to myself, "Look what you"ve done to her"I have the right to feel it inside, i can"t explain how that feelsAll I recognize is that I"ll never ever dish an additional raw dealPlaying do believe, pretending the I"m trueHolding in my laugh together I say that ns love youSaying amore, kissing friend on the earWhispering "I love you" and also "I"ll always be near"Although I frequently reminisce, i can"t believe that I"ve foundA desire because that true love, floating aroundInside my soul, because my soul is coldOne fifty percent of me deserves to it is in this means till I"m oldBut the other half, needs affection and also joyAnd the warmth the is created by a girl and a boyI need loveI require loveRomance, sheer delight, just how sweetI"ve got to uncover me a girl to do my life completeYou deserve to scratch mine back, we"ll acquire cozy and huddleI"ll lay down my jacket so you have the right to walk end a puddleGive friend a rose, pull the end your chair prior to we eatKiss you on the cheek and say "Ooh girl, you"re so sweet"It"s De Ja Vu, anytime I"m through youI have the right to go top top forever informing you what I"ll doBut wherein you at? You"re neither right here nor thereI swear, ns can"t find you anywhereDamn certain you ain"t in mine closet, or under mine rugThis love search, is really making me buggedAnd if you know who friend are, why don"t you make yourself seen?Take a possibility with mine love and also you"ll discover out what i meanFantasies can run, yet they can"t hideAnd once I uncover you I"ma to water all my love insideI require loveI require loveI wanna kiss you, hold you, never ever scold you, just love youSuck on her neck, caress you and also rub youGrind, mold, and never be aloneIf you"re not standing next to me you"re top top the phoneCan"t you hear that in my voice? I need love badI"ve got money yet love"s something I never hadI need your ruby red lips, sweet face and also allI love you an ext than a man, who"s ten feet tallI clock the sunlight rise, in your eyesWe"re so in love, when we hug, we end up being paralyzedOur body explode in extacy unrealYou"re together soft as a pillow and also I"m as hard as steelIt"s like a dream land, ns can"t lie, I"ve never ever been thereMaybe this is an suffer that me and also you have the right to shareClean and unsoiled, however sweaty and wetI swear come you, this is something I"ll never ever forgetI require loveI require loveSee what i mean? I"ve changed, I"m no longerA playboy on the run, I require something that"s strongerFriendship, trust, respect respect, admirationThis whole experience has been such a revelationIt"s taught me love, and how to it is in a actual manTo constantly be considerate and do all ns canProtect you, you"re mine lady and also you mean so muchMy body tingles all over with the slightest touchOf your hand, and also understand, I"ll be frozen in timeTill we meet confront to face and you call me you"re mineIf I uncover you girl, i swear I"ll it is in a an excellent manI"m not gonna leave it, in destiny"s handI can"t sit and also wait, for my princess to arriveI gotta struggle and fight, to save my dream aliveI"d find the whole world for that unique girlAnd once I finally uncover you, watch our love unfurlI require loveI need loveGirl, hear to me.When ns be sit in my room, every alone, staring in ~ the wall,Fantasies, they go v my mind.And, I"ve pertained to realize that, I need true love.And if you desire to give it to me girl, do yourself seen.I"ll be waiting, i love you.

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LL Cool J James Todd blacksmith (born January 14, 1968), better known as LL Cool J, for ladies Love Cool James ), is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and actor from only Shore, new York. The is well-known for romantic ballads such as "I require Love", "Around the method Girl" and "Hey Lover" as well as pioneering hip-hop such as "I Can"t Live there is no My Radio", "I"m Bad", "The Boomin" System", and "Mama stated Knock friend Out". He has released thirteen studio albums and two biggest hits compilations, consisting of 2008"s exit 13, the last because that his record attend to Def Jam Recordings, and also currently has actually a new studio album in the works. He has likewise appeared in many films, including Halloween H20: 20 twenty years Later, and currently stars together NCIS unique Agent Sam Hanna ~ above the CBS crime drama… more »