This short article contains several approaches you have the right to use to type or insert the O Macron or O v line end it (Ō) in Microsoft word or Excel, whether you space using the home windows or the Mac keyboard.

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Without any further ado, let’s gain started.

In multiple sclerosis Word, to kind the letter O with line end it (i.e. Ō Macron), very first get to know the alt password of the personality you desire to kind (O macron alt code is 332 or 333), then push down the alt key and form the alt password (332 or 333) using the numeric keypad. Now release the Alt key.

Alternatively, just kind 014C and then push Alt + X to obtain the price in her Word file for windows users.

The table below contains whatever you require to type the O Macron prize in Word because that both Windows and also Mac.

Capital O with line end itŌ
Small O v line end itō
Uppercase Alt Code332
Lowercase Alt Code333
Shortcut in WordAlt+332 or Alt+333


After selecting the symbol, you great to copy, click the Copy button.Switch over to wherever you need the symbol, even if it is in ms Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and press Ctrl + V come paste.

This is just how you might copy and also paste the O v line over it making use of the character Map top top Windows.

Method 3: utilizing Insert price Dialog

This strategy isn’t as right forward together the faster way methods. But it’s relatively simple.

And when you gain the symbol right into your document, friend can constantly copy and also paste the again as and when you need it in your work.

Below are the steps to insert the O through line over it in Word using the insert prize dialog.

Go come the Insert tab.
On theInserttab, click theSymbolbutton and also chooseMore Symbols…

These couple of clicks will lug up the symbol dialog box.

Locate theSymbol you desire to insert.

To easily find the O Macron price on the icons window, look in ~ the peak right area that the dialog and also selectLatin Extended-Ain theSubset:drop-down list. Thesymbol you want to insert is in this category and also should appear.

Select the symbol, and also then click the Insert button.

Alternatively, double-clicking on the price will likewise insert the symbol into your document.

Click the Close button.

This is just how you may insert a O Macron price in Word utilizing the insert price dialog.

Method 4: Word’s AutoCorrect

You have the right to also form the O Macron utilizing the AutoCorrect feature in Word.

It is a attribute in multiple sclerosis Word designed because that correcting assignment mistakes likethsitothis.

Using this AutoCorrect Feature, you have the right to assign a quick code come theO Macron symbol(such asOMAC).

This way, at any time you kind the textOMAC, Word will think that you actually wanted to typeŌand will transform it into theO Macron for friend automatically.

See illustration below:

What makes this an approach interesting is the you have the right to assign your very own custom faster way or brief code to the symbol and Word will instantly insert the price whenever you type the code.

Without additional ado, below are the steps you can use to typeO Macron symbolin Word using AutoCorrect.

Go come the Insert tab.
On the Insert tab, go toSymboland then clickMore Symbols… TheSymbolwindows will show up as presented in the listed below screenshot.
Locate theO Macron symbol, then click to choose it.Click ~ above theAutoCorrect…button to display the AutoCorrect window.
In the AutoCorrect dialog box, get in the following:



ClickAdd, and also then climate hit the OK button.

Now, word will automatically insert theO Macron symbolinto your document whenever friend typeOMAC.

However, below are some couple of things to note when you are using the AutoCorrect an approach to insert theO Macron sign.

AutoCorrect is case sensitive. Definition if girlfriend typeOMAC (in lowercase), Word will not convert it into “O through line end it”unless girlfriend typeOMAC (in uppercase).If there is any kind of text before or ~ the AutoCorrect text, word will think about the AutoCorrect text as component of the text and hence will not transform it to theO Macron symbol. Because that example,XOMAC will certainly not get converted, butX OMAC will acquire converted toX Ō.


As you have the right to see, these space the various means you might insert or form the O through line end it in Word/Excel with or without utilizing the keyboard.

My favorite method is using the copy and paste method followed through the O Macron Alt code faster way in Word.

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For any comments or questions around this guide, you re welcome let me recognize in the comments ar below.