How Bra Sizing works | The Cup dimension Myth Dispelled

Cup size method NOTHING, NADA, NICHTS…without the appropriate band dimension to specify it!

In fact, bras sharing the very same cup letter, yet different bands DO NOT share the same cups. Fundamentally, cup dimension is measured by the difference between your under bust (i.e. Tape size) and your bust – measured approximately the fullest part of the breasts (generally across the nipples).

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Most of united state assume, because that example, if one wears a 34D and also finds the the band of a certain bra is also tight, the we should go as much as a 36D. This is incorrect! The woman who wears a 34D has actually less breast tissue 보다 the woman who wears a 36D. Rather she should choose a 36C in order to attain a much more comfortable band through the exact same size cup due to the fact that cup volume boosts as band dimension increases. This is because of the inverse relationship in between band and cup. We will elaborate further ~ above this below.

But first, let’s look at a few examples the D cups across varying tape sizes! The D cup is representative of a 4-inch difference in between one’s tape size and also bust measurement. 


As shown by the chart above D cups space not equivalent throughout the board and in truth are totally dependent on tape size. So, the D cups on a 36D are bigger than the D cups on a 34D which room both bigger than the D cup on a 32D.

Basically, a D is no a D is no a D!

This is partly why so numerous of us are wearing bras with bands that room too big and cup that are too small – leading to the dreaded muffin boob. We’ve to be led to think that D’s room big, DD’s space enormous and also DDD’s are simply plain porn-starish. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

That’s the dirty little mystery of the lingerie industry.

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Cup size represents the volume of her bosom and also is totally relative to your band size. For example, a 36D stop 710cc of breast tissue - the exact same as a 34DD, 32F and also 30G. A 34B, on the other hand, hold 390cc of breast tissue – the same as a 32C, 30D, and also 28DD. This band-to-bust ratio, also known together Sister Sizing, represents bras that have the exact same cup volume. Assuming you have the ideal cup size, rise or diminish in band size to achieve a contempt looser or snugger fit needs an opposite move in cup size. It"s counterintuitive, i know, but it"s the way bra sizing works!

It"s no wonder so countless of us have actually been attract the wrong size! 

A top UP!!

We perform not recommend picking a bra an ext than one Sister dimension away from her measured bra size. While, because that example, 38B, 36C, 34D, 32DD, and 30F all hold the exact same volume, the bras are designed for an extremely different human body shapes. As you walk up in band size, because that example, the whole bra scales upward with whatever from the distance in between the cup to the placement of the straps come the length of the wings raising in proportion.

Now the you know just how bra sizing works, why not measure yourself. Inspect out room 3-Step How to Guide!