Cryogenic vacuum insulation

For years, cryogenic systems have benefitted enormously native vacuum insulation. Follow to NASA, “Cryogenicthermal insulationsystems the incorporate a vacuum setting can provide the lowest possibleheat transfer.” yet what about high-temperature applications? deserve to vacuum insulation be an efficient high-temperature insulation material?

“Cryogenic thermal insulation equipment that combine a vacuum setting can provide the lowest possible heat transfer.”

Kogan, A. “Cryogenic Vacuum Insulation for Vessels and also Piping.” NASA.

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Traditionally, vacuum insulation has actually not been supplied at high temperatures as result of a variety of issues. However, breakthroughs in thermal an innovation are opening brand-new doors. This highly reliable insulation material can now be integrated in non-cryogenic systems.

High-temperature vacuum insulation

Ultra-thin vacuum insulated sleeve transports fluid nitrogen (-196°C) while preserving safe exterior touch temperature

Reliable, high heat performance

Most vacuum insulation systems need pump downs in order to maintain high vacuum levels. Insulon components maintain high-quality vacuums because that extended company life without pump-down maintenance. In fact, Insulon vacuum parts don’t even have pump-down ports. Insulon vacuum spaces are hermetic enclosures v high gas impermeability.

Low maintain materials

With a vast number of insulation products available, selecting the right one have the right to be a daunting process. Many timeless insulation products deliver adequate insulation performance however come with other problems.

Easy installation

Insulon provides a solution to numerous of the troubles posed by traditional insulation materials. Some may require tedious installation processes that include wrapping, spraying, or clamping. Maintain may incorporate time-consuming removal, inspection, and reinstallation.

Insulon parts are short maintenance, reliable, and also aesthetically pleasing. Environment does not require any accessories such as clamps or tape.

Easy inspection

Some other products may be unsightly or have actually an odor. Wear and also tear can introduce difficulties such as delamination or corrosion under insulation (CUI).

With Insulon, stainless steel design resists corrosion. The insulation is constructed into the steel component, i m sorry is visible to the nude eye. Parts have the right to be easily inspected there is no the require for insulation removal and also reinstallation.

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We technician Insulon in both custom and also standard sizes.