Apple tree are difficult to find in a size huge enough to produce lumber due to the fact that the trees room usually pruned to store the fruit low to the ground. When an American orchard has passed maturity the trees are often bull dozed over and burned. The Europeans hate to rubbish anything and will take the log harvest come a neighborhood sawmill where they will certainly be turned right into a timber that will delight users for generations.

Fruit tree hardwood with very fine textureBoards usually only accessible short, narrowBest offered for smaller projectsTrees are slow growing and normally only cut when lock no longer advantageous as a fruit treeMost domestic Apple is of the europe varietyWood has actually beautiful creamy sap shade with darker light brown heart colorPrized timber for whirlwind instruments

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Origin of wood TypeUSA and Europe
Botanical NameMalus sylvestris
Specific Gravity0.71
Avg. Weight Per BF3.58 lb/bf
Color RangeTan- Pink
Rarity / AvailabilitySometimes available in smaller sized boards
Typical Avg. Width2″ come 10″, seldom up to 16″
Typical Avg. Length2′ to 6′, rarely up come 8′
Avg. Waste Factor50% and also up
Wood UsesWood Turning, good Furniture, Whirl Wind musical Instruments, Carving, Inlay Work, Veneer and more
Lumber GradesFlitch, Veneer, Flitch (Premium)
Other profession NamesGerman Apple, apologize Wood, european Apple, domestic Apple, Knotty Apple


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